A Same-Sex Wedding in Thailand

As a Thai lesbian couple, it isn’t legal to marry in their home country of Thailand. Alex and Camilla decided to marry legally in Utah, and again symbolically in Thailand. 

Tell us about the proposal.

I proposed to her, six months after we first met. I invited her to be the master of ceremony for my project, “Thai Film Festival in Malaysia.” After the event, I had planned photos of the sunset in one of the nearby hotels together. I set up the room with candles and balloons, and when she walked in, I played our song ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love With You’ and asked her to open many red boxes until she found the box with the ring, but when she opened it she found nothing. 

I then smiled and told her I would give her what was inside, but she needed to answer one question. Then, I knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry me. 

She said yes right away.

Tell us about planning a wedding in a country where same-sex marriage isn’t legal?

We were stressed like any other couple. However, we wanted to push forward despite the laws for equality of same-sex marriage in Thailand being not existent. In fact, we are denied all rights. 

For the Thailand celebration, we invited top lawyers from all sectors to our wedding so they could see how we are all equals with the same human dignity. Many of them firmly promised to support our movement and would do anything they could to help.

Tell us about your Thailand wedding day. 

It was really stressful! I felt like I needed to take care of everything even though we did have a wedding organizer there on the day. 

I was the first government agent to get married to a person of the same gender. So I had my worries about how people would react, both our wedding vendor teams and the staff who were there on the day. However, everything was wonderful, and all we got were smiles and well wishes. 

My girl was the most beautiful, as always, especially when walking down the aisle. Everyone absorbed that beautiful moment and it’s something I’ll never forget. Our celebrant, Bishop Rick Saint, proceeded with the ceremony perfectly. 

It ended with a song, and nothing could be better.

Tell us about bringing to life a Buddhist wedding ceremony as a same-sex couple?

We are both Buddhist, but our moms are Christians, so we chose to do it the way we thought would suit our celebration.

While we didn’t have a Buddhist ceremony, we chose to include some aspects of both Buddhism and Christianity into our ceremony. Both of our wedding photographers, Panjee Aleef Wirotsiri and Unfriend The Wedding did a great job capturing the day, and how it felt.

Now that you are married, despite it not being legal in Thailand, how does it feel? 

It’s easy to fall in love but harder to stay in love. Now that we are married, more than ever we must be a team supporting each other with love no matter what – from now to forever. 

Photography by Panjee Aleef Wirotsiri, Unfriend The Wedding

Accessories, Dress Designer & Suit Designer Kingkloth
Catering & Venue The Siam Hotel
Celebrant Bishop Rick Saint
Cinematographer James Patch
Decorative Elements & Florist The Present Simple
Engagement Rings Cartier
Hair Yokky, Lookballlook
Photo Booth Easy Interactive
Shoes Jimmy Choo
Signage & Stationery Miidear Invitations
Wedding Rings Jasmin Jewelry

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