Best Friends who (Eventually) Fell in Love

Dalisse is from Puerto Rico, Rosario from Mexico, but they met in Aspen and fell in love. They celebrated their love in this fun photoshoot, amongst the snow. 

Tell us about falling in love in Aspen. 

They met in Aspen in 2018 when Rosario moved there for an internship program in the same hotel where Dalisse was working. Little did they know that they would end up being a couple and sharing their life together.

The story of how they met is a classic tale of two people who were drawn to each other but had to navigate some tricky waters before they could be together. Dalisse was Rosario’s supervisor at the bar where she was doing her internship, so they had to tread carefully to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. But as they became good friends, their love began to grow, and they finally became a couple in February 2019.

Tell us about understanding your diverse cultural backgrounds. 

Their favorite memory together is when they got the chance to meet each other’s families in their hometowns. Dalisse went to Mexico to meet Rosario’s family, and Rosario went to Puerto Rico to meet Dalisse’s twin sister. These trips were significant because they allowed them to see where each other came from and to understand their backgrounds and cultures better.

Tell us your favorite things about one another.

Dalisse mentioned that she loves how intelligent and caring Rosario is. She makes her feel like the most important person in the world. Rosario, on the other hand, loves how authentic and honest Dalisse is. She takes care of her and herself all the time and has the most contagious laugh and positive energy.

Photography by Kara Moore Photography

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