Mac & Vanessa – Finding Love After Divorce & Children

Mac & Vanessa met at work. Mac was out, Vanessa had a boyfriend and three children from a previous marriage. Over time, Vanessa realized she’d developed feelings for Mac, Mac reciprocated.

Tell Us A Little About How The Love Story Began.

M: We both were teachers at an international boarding school. I teach philosophy, theater and am the assistant ice hockey coach still working at the school. Vanessa taught art, as well as did photography for all school events. She has since left the school to focus full-time on her wedding photography. 

We had only been working together at the school for about six months, passing each other frequently like most co-workers do, until one day we sat down for lunch. At the time, Vanessa had a boyfriend, but had been curious about her feelings and wanted some guidance. I have been out since I was 14. 

Looking back, it was a bit of a funny situation. 

Vanessa had always had a fascination with the female body but attributed it to her love of art. So on the day, we sat down for lunch, she explained that she thought she might actually ‘like’ girls. Me, having had a crush on Vanessa from afar, started internally freaking out, but knew that it would be irresponsible of me to take advantage of a girl who was just starting to come to terms with her sexuality. So I said, “let me introduce you to some of my friends,” and tried to set up all of these plans to help her. 

Little did I realize she was simply trying to tell me she had feelings for me. 

…And Your Favorite Memory Together?

M: Our favorite memory includes a Yurt, one sensational sheep, and 50+ goats. 

Early into dating, Vanessa surprised me by booking an Airbnb at a goat farm in the middle of nowhere. So far, we had many great times together, but truthfully I wasn’t sure what to expect and hoped it wouldn’t be awkward. 

We arrived that night in a snowstorm. Our host was a sweet man who led us up a small dark path into the perfect candlelit atmosphere. He told us how to light the fire and where the outhouse was. We had the best time ever that night. 

The next morning we were awoken to the sound of a 200-pound sheep on the porch waiting to come inside. There was also a basket full of amazing local and organic breakfast food personally prepared and delivered by our wonderful hosts. We spent the morning walking around, getting to meet and pet all of the animals, and getting to really know each other. It was such a beautiful getaway. 

We loved it so much that we went back and spent New Year’s Eve, and it has since become our special place. 

Vanessa Had Children When You Met. Talk About That Experience.

M: There were a lot of other people to consider when starting our relationship. Vanessa has three kids from her previous marriage, who are 13, 10, and 7. I knew early on that as important as she was to me, it also was extremely important to make sure the kids were understanding and given the time and space to be okay with our relationship. 

Coming out to friends and family can already be a stressful experience, but luckily in today’s world, acceptance is becoming more prominent. 

We knew that it involved a lot of communication to make sure that we were on the same page when it came to telling the kids and letting them react and ask questions whenever they needed to. 

Okay, Something A Little More Lighthearted. What’s Your Favorite Thing About One Another?

M: There are so many amazing things I could say about Vanessa, but I have never met someone who I am so enamored with, yet also makes me feel so amazing about myself. We are equally free spirits in our own way, but getting to watch her just simply exist in this universe while also knowing that she loves and cares about me has made me feel complete. 

She is absolutely my favorite human for every possible reason you could imagine. 

V: My favorite thing about Mac is that she is who she is and fits in no standard box. Her existence is messy and beautiful, and she holds no inhibitions when it comes to doing what makes her feel alive. She radiates happiness and light to everyone around her.

What’s In The Future For You Both? 

M & V: A life full of adventure while raising amazing humans. 

Tons of dance parties and traveling. Successful careers that fulfill us and a farm full of animals.  

Photography by LostisFound Studio

Bridal Designer Flora Bridal
Bridal Shop Something Bleu Bridal
Florist Olive & June Floral Co.
Hair Painted by Ashley Marie
Lovers Mac & Vanessa
Makeup Color Me Gorgeous
Planning & Design Cassandra Daye Wedding Co.
Rentals Pretty Little Vintage Co.
Venue The Maple Estate
Videography Gabrielle Fordham Films

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