Love Stories

A collection of LGBTQ+ love stories from around the world.

Caity & Melissa – Coming Out Together

After realizing their friendship was deeper than any other, Caity and Melissa went though the process of coming out as queer together, while falling in love.

Local Nomad Photography lesbian queer couple in love (1)
Losing Everything, Only to Rebuild and Fall Deeper in Love

An incredible journey of losing everything and becoming homeless, to falling deeper in love and growing together to set up a healthy future together.

Kathleen Whittemore Photography captured this fun romantic Canadian lesbian queer love story in Newburgh New York USA
Emily & Shannon – Finding Queer Love at Work

They met at a local craft brewery, while working together. Eventually Shannon made their move, and Emily reciprocated. It’s been a wild, deep and effortless love

Melissa Lynn Photographer captures this beautiful lesbian love story in Asheville USA (1)
Coming Out After Marriage to a Man, & a First Date with a Woman

Marissa grew up immeshed in a world of Christianity. Being queer didn’t seem like an option. But after divorce, she found herself coming out, going on a first date with a woman and falling in love.

Gay love during Washington DC Cherry Blossom Season captured by Til Death Media (1)
Alex & Natasha – Celebrating Their Second Wedding Anniversary

To celebrate their second wedding anniversary, Alex and Natasha wore their wedding outfits and frolicked amongst the cherry blossoms in Washington.

Gay love story Bremerton USA captured by Marvena Pimper Photography (1)
Rebecca & Rylie – Reconnecting With a High School Crush

Rebecca crushed on Rylie from afar in high school, closeted and afraid to be themselves. It wouldn’t be until years later that they’d reconnect and fall in love.

Gay love story celebrated in Joshua Tree California captured by Charlyn Dahilig
Coming Out After a Long-Term Relationship with a Man

After a break up with a man, Morgan fell in love – and needed to come out to everyone in her life. They celebrate their love together in Joshua Tree.

Gay couple in Santorini, Greece on a holiday and in love.
Hannah & Irini – Engagement Photos in the Streets of Santorini

After a proposal in Germany, Hannah & Irini celebrated their engagement during a photoshoot on the quiet streets of Santorini at sunrise.

Lesbian Filipino and Palestinian high school sweethearts captured by Mady Noel (1)
A.J. & Deena – High School Sweethearts Who’ve Overcome Homophobia

At just 13 these two soulmates met, but it was hard. Deena’s family was homophobic and tried to keep them apart. Despite it all, their love thrived.

Lesbian love story photography session on Huntington Beach USA captured by Karen Agurto
Emma & Grace – Coming Out and Celebrating Monthly Anniversaries

These two lovers, who celebrate their anniversary every month, have just celebrated an entire year together – and chose to document the milestone.