Love Stories

A collection of LGBTQ+ love stories from around the world.

Lesbian Engagement and Love Story - Los Angeles - Dancing With Her - Facetime Photoshoot
Anji & Dera – Love Doesn’t Always Come Easily

Without postive role models in their lives Anji and Dera have needed to navigate what a healthy relationship looks like together.

Unsupportive Family and Parents - Dancing With Her - LGBTQ - Lesbian Love Story
Cindy & Jessica – A Vow Renewal & Unsupportive Parents

Their love developed quickly, and at times they faced the challenges of having unsupportive parents. They share their love, their wedding and vow renewal.

Long-Distance Lesbian Relationship - Promise Ring - Liv With The Lens
Ellie & Jess – Long-Distance Dating & a Promise Ring

Ellie and Jess are currently dating long-distance, however, they have decided together to commit to their relationship, and gifted each other with promise rings

Same-Sex Wedding inspiration in Germany - Lesbian Wedding - Dancing With Her
Annika & Jessie – Challenges Moving in Together

Annika & Jessie started a relationship long-distance, and when the time came to move in together it had its challenges.

Polyamorous Lesbian Love Story - Canada - Dancing With Her -
Estairia & Sialo – A Polyamorous Love Story

These two lovers have worked hard both on themselves and their relationship to be the best versions of themselves to have a thriving relationship together.

Same-Sex Love Story in a Brewery - McKenzie Bigliazzi - Dancing With Her
Abbey & Bree – Overcoming Self-Reliance for Love

They were just teens when they met and even though neither of them was entirely out at the time – it’s been a rollercoaster of love since.

Overcoming Military Deployment for Love - Colorado Engagement Photography - Dancing With Her
Danielle & Takara – Conquering Deployment to be Together

Danielle is in the military, and it’s been challenging coping with her deployment, and learning to prioritize their love language has become imperative.

Lauren & Sole

When these two lovers met, neither had ever had feelings for another woman, and Lauren was married to a man. But, their story shows that true love will prevail.

Life after a breakup - Lesbian Love Stories - Dancing With Her
Alysha & Bec – Life After a Breakup

Sometimes love isn’t always forever. Alysha & Bec’s love story might have come to an end after a separation, but their love story is still a wonderful chapter.

American Mexican Cultural Love Story - LGBTQ - Dancing With Her
Brittany & Patty – An American-Mexican Love Story

Patty was born in Mexico, Brittney, America. Their cultural differences have been both a challenge in their relationship and one of the best things for it.