Love Stories

A collection of LGBTQ+ love stories from around the world.

Lesbian Filipino and Palestinian high school sweethearts captured by Mady Noel (1)
A.J. & Deena – High School Sweethearts Who’ve Overcome Homophobia

At just 13 these two soulmates met, but it was hard. Deena’s family was homophobic and tried to keep them apart. Despite it all, their love thrived.

Lesbian love story photography session on Huntington Beach USA captured by Karen Agurto
Emma & Grace – Coming Out and Celebrating Monthly Anniversaries

These two lovers, who celebrate their anniversary every month, have just celebrated an entire year together – and chose to document the milestone.

Lesbian couples intermate home photo session before getting married Vancouver Canada
Jane & Noelle – A Sustainable Inspired Adventure Elopement

All the moments of an intimate, passionate elopement day have been captured – from waking up soon-to-be wives, to the moments following ‘I do’ in this inspired adventure elopement.

Inclusive LGBTQ+ Lesbian and gay wedding ring workshop to make your own in Portland USA
Jess & Gemma- Making Their Ring, Forging Their Bond

Ever thought of creating a custom engagement or wedding ring yourself? Ringed, Portland hold workshops so that all couples can have this one-of-a-kind experience.

Gay military love story on the American clifftops
Brooke & Sam – How their Long Distance Relationship Allowed them to Learn

They’re thankful they never need to have another teary airport goodbye after enduring seven months long-distance – but their relationship is better for it.

Two brides lesbian vow renewal elopement in the NSW Mountains with Billie Divine Photography
An Ethereal Vow Renewal in the Mountains

Ethereal, sensual and sacred; that’s how you’d describe this vow renewal in the mountains. A union romantically captured.

Two lesbians in the sand dunes in Southern Oregon
Kai & Payton – Being Queer and Loving God

They’ve shared a lifetime of love, but were always told their love wasn’t right. They spent years praying the gay away before they realized they could love each other, and God.

Paloma Havlik photography lesbian gay two women desert love story america Grand Rapids Dancing With Her (1)
Kloie & Hanna – Finding Acceptance Within Yourself

After suppressing feelings of being gay for years, Hanna met Kloie and her whole world suddenly made sense and she started to find acceptance within herself.

Yazi Davis photographer queer lesbian lovers beach anniversary photos Dancing With Her magazine America
Linsey & Mallory – Celebrating Two Years Together

It’s been two years of falling in love for Linsey and Mallory. Two years of life changes, family member adoptions and laughing and growing together. They celebrated with this intimate couples photoshoot.

Dakota Dudley photography lesbian lgbtqia+ gay queer love story Dancing With Her magazine USA (1)
Amber & Ashley – In Love, and a Perfect [Kidney Donor] Match

Life doesn’t always go as planned. For Ashley never expected that she’d need to decide between dialysis or a kidney transplant. It just so happened that her partner was a perfect donor match.