Jane & Noelle – A Sustainable Inspired Adventure Elopement

All the moments of an intimate, passionate elopement day have been captured – from waking up soon-to-be wives, to the moments following ‘I do’ in this inspired adventure elopement.

Tell Us The Inspiration Behind The Shoot.

The inspiration from the shoot came from the idea of having an intimate day between soon-to-be wives, from the moment of waking up together until the moment of being officially married. The idea was to highlight the moments before saying ‘I do’: the excitement of getting ready preceding the happiness of being an officially married couple; the breakfast spent reviewing every step of the day; the happy tears shared at the end. I believe these moments are as important and worth to be documented as the moment you read your vows. Getting married is a process, is something you prepare for quite a long time, taking care of each detail, and, when you get to the wedding day, you want to savor and enjoy every single second of it. I believe that as a photographer, my job is to capture all that. Every single perfect or imperfect moment makes the day so unforgettable.

Why Was Creating This Shoot Important To The Team?

We wanted to showcase the beauty of eloping and the importance of having an authentic, intimate, and stress-free celebration where the focus is on the couple. Valuing the moment over a big celebration was our goal. We wanted to show that it is possible to have a wedding day that could reflect you as a couple. For the team, it was essential to convey that the time spent together is more valuable than perfectly decorated big celebrations.

Also, doing the shoot during fall was very important because we simply love British Columbia during this time of year. The colors are perfect, and most locations are less busy than in the summer. We got lucky on the day of the shoot. The beautiful sunny day allowed us to soak in the gorgeous view of Squamish, the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples–Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh, and Musqueam First Nations. Murrin Provincial Park is just the perfect location to elope. A short hike brings you to a breathtaking lookout of the Howe Sound, and most likely, you will have the view all for yourself. You and your partner immerse into nature. I can’t think of anything better than that!

What Are The Key Styling Elements Of The Styled Inspiration, And Who Brought Them To Life?

The key styling elements of the styled inspiration are the floral arrangements created by the talented Amanda Langerak of Forage & Bloom. The sky and mountains were a huge inspiration for the colors, and we wanted the flowers to highlight and reflect the surroundings. The key element was also the warmth of fall, the golden yellows, the browns of the foliage, and the dusky pinks combined with the cool blues of the sea and sky. We wanted both softness and a modern elevated feel. Amidst the wildness, the rambling prettiness and romance of the flowers felt unexpected in the landscape, and the brides were able to shine.

Another important styling element of the shoot is the wedding dresses. Pure Magnolia makes beautiful sustainable and locally-made gowns. Every pattern piece is individually cut for each dress, the result being that every gown their seamstresses sew is custom-made for each person’s body. Finally, Jane’s accessories were kindly provided by Davie & Chiyo, a Vancouver company that creates beautiful and timeless bridal accessories and dresses.

Give Us Five Words To Describe This Shoot.

Intimate, soft, adventurous, passionate and wild.

Words By Jane & Noelle

What Is Your Favorite Memory Together?

Jane– Well… there’s too many. But, I really liked it when Noelle gave me a pilea plant as a surprise gift after my first day at work at a new job. I had never said I wanted one out loud, that it was the next plant I wanted to buy – somehow, she just knew.

Noelle- Does every day count as a favorite memory? For me, it’s every time we cook together or for each other. There’s this really fantastic sense of home in the kitchen. It’s a welcoming, inviting, enticing place and, at times, brings out this excited nervousness. A giddiness of sorts. It’s a passion we bond over. When I’m making a meal for Jane, all of those feelings come up and are multiplied by 100 because it’s something I’m doing for her.

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge You’ve Had To Overcome Together?

Jane- Dating during the pandemic and all the strangeness that comes with it. It’s not a joke when people say they feel awkward or have trouble adjusting to social situations. It meant Noelle, and I had to work really hard and be extra sensitive to each other. So this added layer of intensity felt like a combination of optimism and anxiety. But doing that work together has really strengthened our connection. It was and continues to be, well worth the effort. 

Noelle- It had been a while since my last actual long-term relationship before Jane. That relationship didn’t end well and left me with a lot of specific trauma in my life. Allowing myself to open up to someone in that way again was so scary- and it still can be.

I’m not usually afraid to be vulnerable in front of someone, but I feared that they wouldn’t do that for me. Jane is different. She’s been able to open herself and has allowed me into her life while at the same time has challenged me to be even more open than I thought I already was.

That’s something I’m so grateful for. 

What Would You Say If You Could Give Your Younger Selves A Pep Talk For The Future?

Jane- You’re gay!!! You’re super gay, so just go out and be free. It doesn’t matter what they think anymore. So much happiness is waiting for you on the other side of all that fear. Look to the people in your life that you genuinely respect and admire and remember that the only person who can change your life is you. Trust your gut. Trust your emotions. It’s going to be ok.

Noelle- Be brave. Take a breath. If you do nothing, nothing will happen. 

Photography by Lorenza Tessari Photography

Accessories Davie & Chiyo
Dress Designer Pure Magnolia
Florist Forage & Bloom
Makeup Katie Maxwell

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