LGBTQ+ Honeymoons In Tulum, Mexico

It certainly isn’t one of those ‘hidden gems’ that some people love to escape to, but Tulum, Mexico, is a beachside paradise that you might not have heard about but certainly need to!

It’ll be a little strange when you arrive. Tulum is set out in three parts; the central town – which is actually around 20 minutes from the white beaches, Beach Road North – where you’ll find all the resort-style accommodation and world-class restaurants and Beach Road South – the more ‘relaxed’ part of Tulum with plenty of yoga, vegetarian and shopping boutiques. 

Mexico is a relatively inclusive country, with most states having laws that both protect and advance the rights of LGBTQ+ people. Tulum, in particular, is a place that is diverse and inclusive, and although there aren’t spaces that are dedicated to the community, it’s really not necessary, the community is welcome everywhere. 


You’ll need to fly into Cancun International Airport and either jump on a bus or have a private transfer organized. Usually, you can do this through your hotel and head 90 minutes south. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, there are options to fly a charter flight from Cancun to Tulum, but these are generally relatively expensive. 

Most hotels include free bicycle hire, and that’s the best way to make your way around during your honeymoon. If things are a little further away, jump in a cab – we wouldn’t recommend you hire a car. Truth be told, you just won’t get the use out of it!


You must visit the township of Tulum, it runs along the highway, and it’s where you’ll find all your amenities. Of course, everything is cheaper in the town if you want to save a few dollars. 

No trip to Tulum would be complete without a stop along the 20kms of pristine, white-sanded beaches. So whether you’re spending time in the cabanas or eating in the world-class restaurants (trust us, where there are plenty of ex-pats, there is plenty of delicious food, Hartwood and Gitano is a must) the beach is where you’ll spend most of your time. 

The most visited attraction is the archaeological Maya ruins – try to get there early to avoid the hoards of tourists.

Lastly, if you haven’t heard of a cenote (don’t worry, we hadn’t either!), they’re natural sinkholes, and they’re not to be missed – it’s one of those ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunities.


Whether it’s in the hustle of the small town or something more relaxed along the beach, Tulum has it all. Here are a few of our favorite spots to check out. 

Something a little cheaper – 

Casa Sama Kiik is just 10 minutes from the beach and is a modern eco-friendly studio that is quite luxurious for something that’s slightly cheaper.

Casa Nomadica is even more budget-friendly, but it’s a bit further from the beach. However, it is closer to the town amenities – think hammocks, day beds, and a little plunge pool in every private courtyard.  

Prices start from around $80USD per night.

Something a little more – 

Live Tulum is a more authentic take on a traditional Mexican hotel. If you love the history and culture of the places you travel to, you’ll love the design and artwork here. 

Papaya Playa Project is a little different, surrounded by the jungle on a pristine stretch of the Caribbean coast. It’s a communal playground for a creative community. If you love nature, you’ll leave here feeling connected. The team behind the project value connection to our earth, and it’s conveyed through all they do. 

Prices start from around $250USD per night.

Going all out – 

Sanara Tulum is the eco-boutique hotel of choice if budget isn’t something you need to worry about. Think private balconies, luxurious bathrooms, daybeds, and beachfront relaxation. I know what you’re thinking, we’ll meet you poolside. 

Casa Malca is eclectic and unusual, luxurious and colorful, and has floor-to-ceiling windows that open onto a breathtaking view of those gorgeous Tulum beaches.

Prices start from around $650USD per night.

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