Dancing With Her Partnerships

A partnership with Dancing With Her is an opportunity to put your business in front of a group that is often otherwise left unrepresented within the wedding space. We are a wedding publication like no other. We are creative and diverse. We care about sharing stories of love authentically. We will amplify the voices of the LGBTQ+ community and empower people planning their weddings to do it in a way that feels ‘right’ for them, expectations out of the window. 

We are proudly independent. 

We are proudly LGBTQ+ women-owned and led.

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Ready to Book Dreamy LGBTQ+ Clients?

Let us make the introduction

A partnership with Dancing With Her is so much more than a directory listing. It’s a partnership with the worlds biggest wedding resource for LGBTQ+ people. It’s putting your values front and center and aligning your brand with a (well respected) leader in the wedding world whose changing the industry for the better. It’s being introduced to incredible lovers whose love celebrations you’ll shed tears over.

Our (Queer) Community, and Allies

They want to plan a wedding with vetted pros who won’t discriminate and you’ll be front and center inside the largest wedding planning resource for the LGBTQ+ community.

We Really Care

We’re people too, and we care about this partnership and your investment in us. We’re only ever an email away for a good chat about wedding-business-anything.

We’ll Roll Out the Red Carpet

You’ll get plenty of perks, not ‘just a directory listing’. Monthly check-ins, PR and collaboration opportunities, priority publishing, inclusivity training and the key to our marketing minds (that have been exclusively marketing to the LGBTQ+ community for 8+ years).

About Dancing With Her

we BELIEVE IN shaping the wedding industry to be be a more inclusive space where all love is celebrated, authentically.

We’ve been around since 2016, when we (Arlia and Tara, hi, nice to meet you) got engaged. We struggled to find the wedding inspiration we wanted – something beautiful, modern and something that gave us the ‘feels.’ But, what we found was queer wedding inspiration that was more celebratory of sexuality than it was the love stories behind it. 

That’s where Dancing With Her was born. And since, we’ve shared more than 1.2k queer love stories, we’ve stood on stages across the world talking about our mission towards a more inclusive wedding industry. We’ve even landed a Forbes 30 under 30 award and spoke on their stage about the positive changes we’ve made to the wedding industry. 

We’ve also released 10 print magazines, and 1 coffee table ‘mook’ (magazine meets hardcover book) and sent it to tens of thousands of lovers across more than 40 countries.

And, we’ve built the world’s biggest online community of LGBTQ+ humans who are wildly in love and planning a real celebration (read: wedding, elopement or something else just as special) because they finally see themselves represented in the wedding space.

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(Arlia’s on the left, Tara on the right – our second child is in Arlia’s tummy 🥰)


Our (Queer) Community

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Here’s who we will market your business to so that you land your dream clients.

Our audience spans across the relationship lifeline, which means we’re top of mind for LGBTQ+ women and nonbinary folk as soon as the thought of putting a ring on it (or not, engagement rings aren’t for everyone) starts creeping in. 

Our community is mainly made up of women and nonbinary folk who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. We’re also seeing a steady increase in allies of the queer community from all different diversities using our platform to connect with inclusive wedding pros.


Because something we’ll scream from the rooftops (until the end of time) is that you should put your values first in wedding planning. Which means working with vendors who are supportive and celebratory of the communities that mean most to them. 

Our community is mostly between 25-35 and they’re not afraid to redefine weddings. Often prioritizing what feels right as opposed to what’s expected. While many love intimate celebrations or elopements, there are certainly many who choose to go all out for their wedding day.

They’re located across the world, although most are located within the United States, Australia, and the UK

Our Influence


1.8M impressions per week
4.5M reach per month
7% average engagement


5.8M reach per month
105k content interactions per month
300% average engagement


1.3M monthy impressions
10k monthly saves
15k outbound clicks

A queer couple in a dimly lit attic room, one standing and gently holding the other's face, who is looking up with a loving gaze, illuminated by a soft light coming through a small window.

I think the difference between advertising with Dancing With Her and other magazines is that it doesn’t just feel like a transaction. It’s not a box ticked and an invoice paid, but a relationship that continues to grow as we work together and support each other, creating a network within the industry.


But, Why?

Why Should You Partner with Dancing With Her?

There’s a reason why some of our partners have been with us since the beginning. When you partner with Dancing With Her you’re entering into a partnership – we aren’t about taking your money and then not checking in until the next invoice is due.

Aside from being the world’s biggest platform for LGBTQ+ people to share their love stories in an authentic and celebratory way, there are a few perks to being a part of our community

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The Right Audience

as in, they’re looking for wedding pros

The Dancing With Her community is wedding planning. And, they’re looking for wedding pros who they don’t have to ask the dreaded (and far too common) question; “We’re in a queer relationship. Is that okay?” There aren’t enough directories filled with truly inclusive wedding pros.

While we catch them at all stages of their relationship, we predominantly have a community of engaged LGBTQ+ lovers who come to us looking for both inspiration in their wedding planning journey, and connection to inclusive wedding pros who they won’t experience discrimination with.

A Curated List of (Incredible) Wedding Pros


We don’t just partner with everyone. We only want to connect our community to the world’s very best wedding pros. And so, our directory is curated to be just that.

It’s also curated in a sense of, we won’t accept businesses into the directory who we don’t think we’d be able to genuinely help. We care about your business, and we want you to land dream clients and get that return on investment that you’re looking for.

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Inclusivity Training

because we want to give you all the tools

Obviously, when you partner with us, you’re trying to connect with an LGBTQ+ audience. We want you to feel your most confident when working specifically with LGBTQ+ clients. And so, we’ve put everything we know about working with, and marketing to, the queer community into an easy to digest (2.5 hour) course – which you get access to at no additional cost. It literally covers everything.

Plus, once you’ve completed the training, we’ll add a fancy schmancy badge to your profile to let people know that you’ve gone the extra mile to truly be an inclusive wedding pro.  

Marketing Resources

let us amplify your brand

We’ve been exclusively marketing to the LGBTQ+ community for 8+ years now, and we’ve learnt a thing or two. We’re consistently upskilling, in all aspects of marketing wedding businesses. Fun fact, we have a great direct relationship with Meta (aka Facebook and Instagram) and land plenty of opportunities, and get exclusive education directly from there.

We aren’t gatekeeping our best marketing know-how. In fact, once a month we’ll land in your inbox with a brand new masterclass on a topic that’ll help your wedding business fly.  

Wedding Flowers by Twisted Bramble

Monthly Check Ins

because its a working relationship

On top of the monthly marketing masterclasses, we’ll drop into your inbox with an email that’s exclusive to our partners. It’s a check-in with new opportunities and a reminder to update us with new stories. We might share some wins our partners have had, some stories we’ve shared that feature a partner (or partners), or anything else that we think you ought to know.

Like we said, it’s a partnership and you’ll be a part of the community.


Here’s what the
Wedding Pros are Saying

A queer couple enjoying a light-hearted moment inside a vintage van; one bride in a lace wedding dress and boots, the other in a white suit and hat, both laughing together, with a backdrop of a clear sky and open landscape outside the van, evoking a sense of adventure and companionship.


I didn’t just book an amazing dream elopement (in the first week) but I have grown as a vendor. This community makes sense on so many levels, not just the financial aspect of getting dream weddings and elopements, but in terms of bettering an industry that needs a lot of support.

An image of a bright and airy jewelry studio bench


I’ve loved working with Arlia and Tara over the past six years, they are such wonderful, genuine and cheerful people to partner with; who have sent us some of our favorite clients over the years. It’s always such a treat to work with people you’d actually hang out with in real life- it makes business and work not feel like work at all.

Two women are in an outdoor bathtub. they care embracing each other and kissing.

Fox & Kin

So many amazing couples have found me through the Dancing With Her directory and magazine over the last seven years and it’s allowed me to grow my business in the direction I’ve always wanted. I’m so proud to be a Dancing With Her partner. They’ve taught me so much and I continue to be inspired and encouraged by them.

Sara Hannagan was the very first supplier we contacted. We’d seen her work on Dancing With Her and knew we wanted to work with her from the beginning. We actually changed our wedding date so we could book Sara! She was so invested from the very beginning, super easy to work with, really lovely, inclusive, hardworking and most importantly super talented at what she does.


Partnerships Packages

Like weddings, no two businesses are the same. While we’ve got packages that are tried and tested, if they don’t suit you we can always work together on a package that will help you reach your goals.




$399 per year

Got Some Questions?

Of course! There are so many reasons why you might not have captured LGBTQ+ love, but that’s nothing to hold you back! To help connect you with LGBTQ+ couples, when you sign up, you’ll also get access to a database of 700+ LGBTQ+ lovers who’ve said yes to modeling for wedding vendors who need to expand their portfolios or for their styled shoots and creative ideas. 

Additionally, you’ll get our course (and book!) How to be an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Wedding Pro. Inside is everything you might need to know – which will help you feel super confident and comfortable landing your first queer clients!

Yes. We will make sure that you’re coming to us for the right reasons (read: you’re inclusive and aren’t just chasing those rainbow dollars), and so long as you are, we don’t mind that your portfolio isn’t expansive, yet.

When you join our partnerships, you’ll get our course ‘How to be an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Wedding Pro.’ Inside is everything you might need to know – which will help you feel super confident and comfortable landing your first queer clients!

We’ll also link you to our Lovers Database. It’s our very own directory of more than 700+ LGBTQ+ lovers from around the world who’ve put their hands up to model for you if you need to expand your portfolio, or if you’re working on another creative project.

Because we’re a small team, we just can’t compete with those huge directories with listings in every city – there’s only so much time we can put into outreach and cold-contacting vendors.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t have lovers looking for wedding pros in your area, so it might actually be a really good chance for you to stand out when people are searching your city or state!

Hard no. 

In fact, we only accept about 25% of the businesses that apply to list with us. We focus on quality over quantity.


Because not everyone is a good fit for our platform. Your brand or creative work might not be a good fit for our audience, and we might recognise that a listing with us probably won’t get the ROI you’re looking for. Or, you might not be inclusive of the entire LGBTQ+ community, in which case it’s an easy ‘no, thanks’ from us.

So, you’d love a partnership but your budget might not be quite there, yet – we get it.

While we don’t offer discounts, we can offer you payment plans (monthly or quarterly) over your 12 month listing with us. 

We’d love to work with you, and when the time is right loop back with us!

Certainly not. 
So long as you’re an ally to the entire LGBTQ+ community and you’re here for the right reasons, we don’t care what your sexual, body or gender identity is.

Absolutely! While we will want to list your home base location, we can also list the area you service, whether that be your state, a handful of states, or anywhere in the world.

If you’re an online brand, or can work with clients from anywhere in the world (jewelers, for example), you can simply be listed as ‘worldwide.’

Sure do. Usually, our turnaround time for publishing is between 6 and 8 weeks. However, if you partner with us, we’ll get your story featured within 1-2 weeks of receiving everything that we need to put the story online. 

Oh, we’re really glad you asked. Upon signing up we’ll give you access to our best practices to optimize your profile. It’s our ‘secret recipe’, but only available to you once you’ve locked in our partnership. 

You can. Just let us know when you’re signing up, and we’ll organize it for you. You’re welcome to pay monthly or quarterly – whatever works best for your budgeting. 

You can, as often as you need. We also know that you’re busy, so we’ll be in touch sporadically to remind you to freshen up your profile with us. 


However, if we feel that you’re better suited to a certain category or categories, we’ll run that past you. Depending on your business type, if there are two categories that suit we will list you in both.as you need. We also know that you’re busy, so we’ll be in touch sporadically to remind you to freshen up your profile with us. 

Sure do.

This might look like making connections with media partners (like The New York Times or Forbes). It also means you’re the first people we ask when we’re exploring editorial contributions, competitions or other creative work. 

Our premium listings appear first, then standard follows. Within those categories, the order in which they appear is randomized to make it fair for everyone.

Yes, and no. We want you to shine, and we know our audience best. We will give feedback on where we think it’s relevant to help guide you with creating a profile that will connect with our community the most.

If you’re asking if you need to have only women or nonbinary folk in photos that appear on your profile, the answer is no. You’re welcome to include your very best photography, whatever the dynamic of the lovers getting married. We will recommend that the feature image is relevant to our audience.

And, not that we probably need to say it, but we won’t allow you to post anything outside of our values (read: no discrimination).

It’s best that you keep track of your performance (click-throughs) using your own Google Analytics account. 

In saying that, we do see that more often than not, our community will reach out to you directly after following links to your website and socials from your listing with us. So, tracking performance solely off people using the included contact form won’t get you accurate results. We’d always recommend you ask where your clients are finding you in your contact form, or as part of your onboarding process.

If your package includes social shoutouts or posts, we will reach out to you within 2-3 weeks of that going live with a report on how it performed.

If you have sidebar advertising with us, we will reach out at intervals with the performance of your sidebar – how many views it’s had and the number of click-throughs. 

We don’t generally give them. 

Because of the nature of digital advertising and marketing, we can’t guarantee results. And, this is not an acceptable reason to terminate your listing with us outside of the 12-month contract. 

However, we are human too and we truly do want the best for you. If your profile isn’t getting the return on investment you’d hoped, reach out to us. We’d love to give you some pointers, and let you know where we think you (or us) could make improvements.

Interested in a Partnership?

The image captures a tender moment between two women on their wedding day. They are standing on a rocky outcrop, surrounded by pine trees, with a hazy, mountainous backdrop bathed in the warm glow of either a sunrise or sunset. Both women are adorned in non-traditional wedding attire; one is in a voluminous peach-pink tiered gown with ruffled layers, while the other is in a white flowing dress with a translucent shawl draped over her shoulders. They are embracing and sharing a kiss, encapsulating a sense of love and commitment. The bride in pink holds a bouquet of flowers in her hand, with colors that complement her dress. The light infuses the scene with a soft, ethereal quality, highlighting the textures of their dresses and the natural landscape around them. The overall atmosphere is one of romantic serenity and intimate celebration.

Wedding Flowers by Twisted Bramble