Proposal in Central Park, New York
A Romantic Proposal in Central Park, New York

After dating for more than 7 years, they shared a romantic proposal in Central Park, followed by a second proposal at home

romantic queer engagement session
Two Different and Romantic Proposals

After setting a broad timeline of ‘before the end of the year’, this queer couple planned two separate, romantic proposals.

A lesbian proposal in Halen, Sweden
Alizée & Léa’s Unconventional Love Story

Léa and Alizée’s love story is a remarkable tale of love that defies conventional expectations. Although they initially disliked each other at a summer camp, their friendship eventually blossomed into love. Their engagement was a special moment during a canoe trip in Sweden, and their commitment to each other remains strong.

A romantic surprise lesbian proposal in Paris
A Surprise Proposal in Paris

Alice and Akshata’s love story is a beautiful reminder of how magical love can be. Their surprise proposal in Paris, captured by a photographer, is a testament to the fact that the most unforgettable moments in life often happen unexpectedly.

A Romantic Proposal in Taos, New Mexico
From Long-Distance Love to Forever

Cierra and Jenna’s love story is a beautiful example of two women falling in love and committing to each other. Their engagement and upcoming wedding in the Canadian Rockies will surely inspire.

Aspen love story of a mixed race lesbian couple
From Friends to Forever: The Inspiring Love Story of Rosario and Dalisse

Rosario and Dalisse met when Rosario moved to Aspen for an internship program. They became good friends and eventually a couple. Their love story is a beautiful reminder of how two people from different backgrounds can come together and build a strong and loving relationship.

Queer lesbian couples IVF fertility journey to have a family
Starting a Family- Kristina & Molly’s Journey to Parenthood

Molly and Kristina met in a little dive bar in Washington DC in March 2013. It was love at first sight, and after exchanging numbers, they’ve been together ever since and now have two daughters.

Relationship challenges to forever love
Blind Contour Drawings and Wedding Rings: A Love Story

Sloan and Stephanie met in a dive bar in Seattle and have been together for almost 15 years. From making each other’s wedding rings to overcoming challenges together, their love has grown and evolved over time.

Instagram Love Story in Boston, USA
From Instagram to Forever: The Love Story of Leah and Cayla

Leah and Cayla’s love story began when they were set up by a friend on Instagram. Despite their initial differences, they knew they had to see each other again after their first date.

Planning a Proposal in New Zealand
Planning a Proposal in New Zealand

After reimagining how a relationship is defined, Anna planned a perfect surprise proposal, with a hidden photographer, while on holiday in New Zealand.


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