Charlotte & Mel

Charlotte, who is a Doctor by trade, is afraid of heights. Mel, who recently sold out her share of her CrossFit gym, chose to propose in a way she knew would be unforgettable for Charlotte – skydiving. Their engagement was only one day. Charlotte and Mel share their elopement under a waterfall in Byron Bay.

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Megan & Sierra – A Surprise Proposal

Sierra found the perfect ring for Megan and started brainstorming how she wanted to propose.She wanted me to photograph it, but the problem with that was that Megan knows me and we were worried if she saw me hiding in a coffee shop or something, it would give it away. That led to us planning this elaborate styled shoot

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Jenny & Jess

Jenny, an artist and designer, and Jess, a traveller who works in tourism, met through mutual friends and their strong relationship quickly grew into so much more. They shared a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony in the park just four weeks after their engagement.

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Christine & Lauren

When they first married five years ago in Pennsylvania, it wasn’t a legal ceremony. Christine and Lauren always planned to wed legally, when the time was right. When their fifth wedding anniversary came around it was the perfect time for I do, take two.

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