Alissa & Samantha – An Coastal Elopement At Big Sur, California

Four years ago, Alissa and Samantha met at a bar – and they celebrated their love during this incredible coastal inspired elopement up top of Big Sur, California.

Tell Us About A Favorite Memory You Have Together.

Our favorite memory together would be when we went to Rome together. At the time, Sam, myself, and 2 of our other friends had this plan to go to Rome together for the day, but we all ended up missing the first train and our friends then decided they didn’t want to pay for another ticket for a different train.

Sam and I were still down to go, so off we went without them!

We spent the entire day in Rome together, just the two of us .. kind of like it was supposed to be just us that day. We walked around holding hands, smiling, laughing, getting lost and trying to figure out transportation, and even making the hand gestures of throwing pennies into the Trevi foundation to a guard to try and have him help us how to get there.

We admired every second all day together.

Of course, we did the touristy stuff like seeing the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum, and even the Catacombs – when we got on the train back to Florence. We sat next to each other, shared headphones and watched YouTube videos all the way back. It was the most perfect day and perfect memory we will never forget.

Tell Us About The Time You Decided To Move Across The World Together.

We have always wanted to move to California – we always talked about it and fantasized about it but we agreed that we wouldn’t do it unless one of us got a job there because that would be an incentive for us to actually go. 

I remember being at work and Sam texted me saying “I applied for a job at a law firm in San Diego for fun haha” and then the next day she had an interview with them. The next day was a Friday, and she got a call from them when we got home from work and she went into the car and took it. Myself and her mom were in her room pacing back and forth planning out if she really got the offer what were we going to do? She got back inside and she got the job and she had to decide if we were moving that weekend and then had to start 2 weeks after that. 

She obviously took the job and we had to find an apartment and order furniture that entire weekend and 2 weeks later, we were flying across the county and moving to San Diego, CA. 

It was a lot harder for Sam to adjust than myself. I have had this dream to live here since I was 10, so I was at an all-time high, but she struggled for quite a while. 

And that reflected onto our relationship as well because – If she wasn’t happy, then I wasn’t either. 

It’s taken time and still even up to this day she still struggles more so than I do with missing being back home because we are alone here with no family close to us. This has to be the biggest challenge we have both overcame together. 

It’s never perfect and we love being here together, doing this whole adulting thing as a team and taking these risks and spontaneous adventures like this one, has only made us stronger as a couple. 

If You Could Give Your Younger Selves A Pep Talk For The Future, What Would You Say?

S: I would tell my younger self to enjoy where you are right now and put your phone down and to live in the moment more.

A: I would tell my younger self that it’s going to be okay. Things will always work out. You will have everything you’ve ever dreamed of one day. Try and not to stress over the small things in life that essentially don’t matter. Also, to enjoy where you are right now, life is so short, go enjoy every moment you have. 

And Lastly, What Is Your Favorite Thing About One Another? 

S: My favorite thing about Alissa is that she goes for what she wants, and she does not settle or give up. She will get what she wants somehow some-way and I admire her for that. She is super driven and chases all her dreams.

A: My favorite thing about Sam is how patient she is. She is so patient with me when I can be the grumpiest, and she will never be mad at me or annoyed about it. Instead, she will always try and make me laugh or smile. The love she has for me is insane; I can see it in her eyes every day. 

I have NEVER worried about the love she has for me, like in my past relationships. I am so secure with this girl. 

Photography by Rylee & Co

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