A collection of LGBTQ+ engagements and proposals from around the world.

Alternative Lesbian Engagement Session - Cornwell Wedding Photographer
Laura & Vicki – A Fun Naked Engagement Shoot

Laura and Vicki met five years before they’d find themselves dating and inseperable. They celebrated their engagement with this fun naked photoshoot.

Surprise Proposal in a Park - Lesbian Engagement - Dancing With Her
Ashley & Devin – A COVID Proposal

At first, Devin wasn’t interested. But, Ashley persisted – and eventually got the girl. She proposed, although the pandemic tried to stop their plans.

Queer Proposal - LGBTQ Engagement Story - Dancing With Her - Alexis Backus (15)
Emily & Nadia – An Unsupportive Family but so Much Love

Their love hasn’t come easily. Nadia was in the closet, living in fear of rejection from both her family and the church if she chose to live authentically.

Queer Park Proposal - Engagement Photography Session - Yazi Davis - LGBTQ
Linsey & Mallory – A Park Proposal in Florida

They fell in love quick, but hard. Linsey planned a park proposal in Florida, and had a photographer hidden to caputure the emotional moment.

Lesbian Surprise Proposal - Double Engagement - Dancing With Her
Gracie & Jessica – A Proposal That Didn’t Go Quite to Plan

You can plan, but sometimes the world throws a spanner into the works. Gracie’s proposal wasn’t exactly how she imagine, it was better.

Arianna & Kim – A Christmas Morning Proposal

Catching Arianna of-guard, Kim planned a proposal video with all their family and friends that she showed her lover of Christmas morning.

Lesbian Engagement in Illinois - Made to be Mine - Wedding Photographer
Emily & Imogen – A Christmas Proposal

They fell in love, but had to endure long-distance romance until they ould be together. Imogen proposed first, on Christmas morning surrounded by family.

Lesbian Enagagment Photography Session - Dancing With Her (1)
Amanda & Heidi – Struggles with Religion and their Sexuality

These two lovers met at church, but a toxic relationship with religion kept their love at a distance for a long time. They’ve overcome the world to be together..

LGBTQ+ Proposal Photoshoot - Newcastle Australia - Dancing With Her
Holly & Josie – A Surprise Proposal Photoshoot in Newcastle

The surprise was nearly ruined when Josie took a call on Holly’s phone that accidentally revealed that she was expecting a delivery from a jeweler.

Indian Lesbian Engagement Session - Matteo Gueli Photography - Dancing With Her
Rashmika & Sandeep – An Indian-Hindu Love Story

Rashmika & Sandeep met while they were young, at the all-girls school their parents put them in to keep them away from boys. They hope to marry soon incorporating Hindu traditions.