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Cole & Kaila – A Unique Engagment Shoot in the Forest

Cole & Kaila – A Unique Engagment Shoot in the Forest

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Cole and Kaila dragged an old bath and some incredibly lush florals to the middle of the forest to celebrate their Mount Nemo engagement.

How did your love story begin?

We have been together for eight years and met casually through a mutual friend at rib fest. We all became friends! Eventually, the stars aligned, and we began dating. That’s when everything clicked. We realized we were meant to be. It was one of those “when you know, you know” situations. 

Tell us about the planning process for the proposal.

We had definitely discussed getting engaged early on in the relationship, but we’re not the type of people who rush into stuff like that. So I got the ball rolling in a very classic way by sending Nicole countless photos of engagement rings that I loved, of course. 

After a couple who we know got married, we decided to at least get our fingers sized around our fifth anniversary. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until year seven that it actually happened. 

I didn’t see it coming, and I was prepared for a regular day hike and picnic at our favorite spot Mount Nemo. But, I was so surprised to learn that she had been saving up to get a ring custom made and planning this day so perfectly that I didn’t suspect a thing. 

What lead you to the destination of the proposal? Had you been there before?

YES! I love this question in particular because the location is very important to us. I used to go there with my dad growing up, so it was always a special place for me. Then later in life, Nicole and I went on many dates there. One day she asked me nonchalantly, “Where’s your favorite hiking spot?” And I replied, “Mount Nemo without a doubt,” and that was the moment she decided that’s where it was going to happen. I love that we can revisit this place anytime.

What does your engagement mean to you both?

Engagement is an affirmation of love and a joyful reason to bring our loved ones together to make memories and celebrate life! Being engaged is also a reminder of our true soul connection and commitment to bringing out the best in one another. 

How is wedding planning going? 

We are so far behind on the wedding planning. However, we’ve encountered some financial setbacks and recently added a new member to our family, in the form of a puppy, so it seems life has other plans for us leading up to our day. Luckily we are having a small, elopement-style wedding sans the bells and whistles. 

Ideally, we will merge the “stag and doe” into the reception with games and prizes set up. We hope it will be a fun-spirited and authentically our day that our closest friends and family will remember fondly. 

How are you going about choosing your key vendors?

It is important to us to choose vendors who support queer love. Social media is so helpful in finding those individuals. We are having a very minimalistic style wedding, so besides hiring our fantastic photographer, we haven’t hired any other vendors at this time. 

Photography by Honey & Lux

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