Falling in Love and Starting a Business Together

It’s one thing to work together, another thing when you decide to start a business with your significant other. Despite there being challenges in that, Eileen and Lauren know that they’ll get to celebrate the fruits of their labor together.

What’s Your Favorite Memory Together? 

I don’t think we could choose just one memory since we have had so many beautiful moments together in the past five years. If we had to pick just one though, we both cherish the moment we got our vacation home in Sarasota, Florida. 

This home is for family and friends, and is in the hometown of Lauren’s family as well. Both families get along so well, so it was a moment of complete gratitude and excitement for our future together.

What is it Like to Run a Business With Your Significant Other?

Opening a business together has definitely been the biggest challenge because of the long hours, late nights, and just all the things that come with opening a business. 

We try our best to have a work-life balance so we can enjoy the fruits of our labor together.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About One Another?

My favorite thing about Eileen is how selfless she is. Considering the amount of stress she goes through daily, her love for her friends and family is unmatched. She will truly give everything on her back to make the people around her feel welcomed and happy. This inspires me every day to be half the human she is.

My favorite thing about Lauren is her heart. Many people call her ‘sunshine’ because she radiates love and sweetness. Her hugs are also amazing and can turn your whole day around.

What Does The Future Hold?

Both of us hope for the future to be filled with lots of love, a beautiful wedding, healthy, happy babies, and building a life we are both proud of. 

We both love to travel but especially look forward to traveling to Korea and Japan.

Photography by Gypsy Lemon

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