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Wedding Suits & Tuxedos For LGBTQ+ Women

We know we harp on about how important it is to ‘be you’ on your wedding day, but for some women who want to rock a wedding suit or a tuxedo, options can be a little sparse, and for others, it can be a downright awkward experience – and that’s not okay with us. 

In the past, wedding suits were designed for men, which meant that finding an incredible suit that fit a woman’s, or nonbinary person’s, body (and often their curves) just wasn’t an option – and if it were, it had to be something custom-made. Forget getting an off-the-rack shirt, jacket, or pants. 

But, that’s not the case anymore. More and more businesses that cater specifically to the LGBTQ+ community are popping up. Fitting suits to androgynous styles, respecting the process of having a custom-fitted garment made for people with trans bodies and experiences, and helping women find their perfect wedding tux are things they often specialize in. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect 3 piece wedding suit, you’re dreaming of a skirt and suit combo, or something entirely different, here are our top picks for businesses that will help all LGBTQ+ people (inclusively) find wedding attire that truly suits their style. 

Where to Get a Custom Wedding Suit Experience

Shane Ave

Fittings in Australia or Virtual – shipping across the globe.
Prices start from Au$1,799 for a two-piece suit.

Shane Ave is led by an LGBTQ+ team, and they work with you to curate a wedding suit that truly feels ‘you.’ They’re made to fit all body shapes, genders and styles. With over 500 fabrics to choose from, and so many customizable elements, it’s possible to create the wedding suit of your dreams.

Founder, Deb, was inspired by their own experiences finding a suit for a queer body and prides themselves on giving the entire queer community an experience where they feel confident, validated and understood.

Isadora Nim

Fittings in Melbourne – shipping across Australia.
Prices start from Au$1,210 for a two-piece suit.

Stylish suits, check. Suits that celebrate our unique bodies, check. Suits custom-made to reflect your individuality? Check. 

Isadora Nim is Melbourne’s first, and leading, tailor catering specifically to women, and their unique bodies. The team is guided by a strong belief in fashion design as a tool for empowerment – because you should have the confidence to be your fabulous and beautiful selves, especially on your wedding day.

Hand-measured, these suits are truly designed to fit every body. And, because Isadora Nim understands that our bodies are in constant flow, they offer 12 months of free adjustments, which means you’ll get the perfect fit for your wedding or event.

Bindle and Keep

Fittings in Brooklyn, New York or Virtual (first appointment) – Shipping across America.
Prices start from $1,195 for a two-piece suit.

Bindle and Keep know that you shouldn’t have to make compromises that make you feel uncomfortable with your wedding suit. In Brooklyn, every consultation is private so that clients have the opportunity to express any insecurities they might have about their bodies. It means that every measurement is made to your body, and your suit is created individually to make you feel you on your wedding day.

You can learn more about Bindle and Keep in the HBO documentary, produced by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, that speaks on how Bindle and Keep create custom-made suits for gender non-conforming and transgender clients, “Suited”

Sharpe Haus

Fittings in Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Orlando, San Diego, West Hollywood or Virtual – Shipping across America.
Prices start from $2,200 for a two-piece suit.

QPOC owned and led, Sharpe Suiting has been helping brave individuals showcase exactly who they are through fashion since 2013. Sharpe Suiting have their own formula, ‘Adropometrics’ that is used to design a look that not only fits perfectly but also matches your unique style and identity. 

As well as making incredible quality suits, Sharpe Haus is a Public Benefit Company and through all of their successes they have continued to serve the community that initially inspired the brand by donating hundreds of suits to LGBTQ+ youth centers, non-profit fundraisers, colleges and queer prom students around America. 

King & Allen 

Fittings in Surrey, Cheshire, Birmingham and London – Shipping across the United Kingdom.
Prices start from £799 for a two-piece suit.

Inspired by the customers that walk in their doors, King & Allen will make no assumptions in your custom suit process, instead they’ll simply be led by your story, your wants and your own inimitable style. 

King & Allen are world leaders in their craft, particularly around their vegan tailoring options. During your consultation, you’ll be guided through all of your options, taking into consideration your color scheme and partner’s outfit. And, the customization opportunities are endless, from choosing what type of lapel you would like, to deciding on personalized embroidery or adding an unexpected lining. 

not sure what style of suit you like?

Here are 25 LGBTQ+ lovers who rocked a suit on their wedding day and felt authentically themselves (and looked good) on their wedding day.

Orhan London Tailor

Fittings in London.
Prices start from £1,500 for a two-piece suit.

Master tailor, Orhan, has had decades of experience putting together the perfect suiting combination, translating what you had in mind to something that you’re proud to stand beside your partners on your wedding day wearing. 

Their sophisticated gender-fluid tailoring each garment is either made-to-measure or created completely custom. They also have thousands of luxury fabrics to choose from, and so many intricate styling details to personalize your style. 

Suit Me Up

Shipping across the world.
Prices start from $599 for a two-piece suit.

Suit Me Up makes it really easy to pick your options online, input your own measurements (from the comfort of your own home), and within three weeks your brand new suit will be delivered to your door. Seems nearly too easy, right? Also, they offer a fit guarantee, plus they have great resources online to help you measure, so you can feel comfortable not having your measurements done in a consultation by a professional. 

Each Suit Me Up suit encompasses bespoke style, sharp detail and is finished to the highest standard because they believe everyone deserves the chance to get that ‘new suit feeling’ and feel their best for their wedding day. 


Shipping across America and Canada.
Prices start from $199 for a two-piece suit.

An all-woman powerhouse team leads SuitShop. Inspired by their co-founder’s own poor experience suiting up her own wedding group in rental tuxedos.

Their online ‘Fit Finder’ will help you find the right size for your measurements and SuitShop has a risk-free try on at home option, so you can try your wedding suit on in the comfort of your own home (and if you don’t like it, for whatever reason, you can send it back). Sizing is from 00 – 28. 
If you were hoping to have a consultation in a showroom, it’s possible to have one with your partner, or with your wedding group in the following locations:
– Atlanta
– Boston
– Chicago
– Denver
– Houston
– Philadelphia

Women’s Wedding Suits You Can Buy Online


Shipping across the world.
Prices start from €199 for a two-piece suit.

In a world where the fashion industry forces people to fit into boxes, Sumissura exists to make people feel confident and secure by creating bespoke garments that reflect your uniqueness. Styles are customizable, so if you can dream it, it can probably come to life with Sumissura. 

Sumissura takes a zero waste approach to designing, and guarantees a perfect fit. If you do find that something isn’t quite right upon delivery, Sumissura will have the suit tailored perfectly for you. Free of charge, of course.


Shipping across America and Internationally.
Prices are approximately $320 for a two-piece suit, separates available.

Wildfang are on a mission to rethink gender norms, and how they show up in fashion. Their ‘off the rack’ collection of suits and separates are designed to help you embrace your masculine, your feminine and everything in between. Their entire collection is completely genderfree, something refreshing in the world of suits. 

There are quirky colors, fun options (like suited corsets, long shorts and jumpsuits) and are for lovers who don’t necessarily see themselves in the classic black suit. 

Online sizing is from an XS to a 4X for most pieces. There are free returns for everything. It doesn’t matter if it was on final clearance or you’ve paid full price – which is great peace of mind. 

Little Black Tux

Shipping across the world.
Prices start from $269 for a two-piece tuxedo.

Little Black Tux is a collection of off-the-rack tuxedo suits that are specifically designed for women and nonbinary shoppers..

They also tuxedo suit shorts, skirts and vests to add to your perfect fit. Online sizing is from 0-26.


Shipping across the world.
Prices start from $149 for a two-piece suit, separates available.

The humble place where you would usually grab wardrobe staples shouldn’t be overlooked when looking for your perfect wedding suit. In fact, if you’re looking for a suit with a pop of color, or a suit with a fun pattern, you must check out ASOS.

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