Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Stationery

We chatted with Melbourne stationery designers, Stitch and Press, to answer every question we have about custom wedding stationery, what’s possible, how to save money and timelines for ordering custom designs.

When It Comes To Wedding Stationery, What Sort Of Things Are Possible? What Sort Of Styles Or Designs Do You See Most Often?

There are many possibilities in wedding stationery, from the traditional letterpress to the modern laser-cutting— to the elegant foil press and the delicate edge painting/foiling. However, the sort of styles and designs we see most often recently is a modern font in blind embossing. Sometimes with an arch shape. And earthy colours are still on-trend.

When It Comes To Pricing Custom Invitations/Stationery For Your Wedding, What Sort Of Prices Are Couples Looking At?

The prices can vary from $2 to $20+ for each invitation. Depending on the print size, quantity, paper options, and printing and finishing included. We have a handy online quote system for customers to get a rough idea of our pricing: https://www.stitchpress.com.au/quote.

How Can Couples Save Some Money When It Comes To Wedding Stationery?

There are a few things that the couples can consider:

  1. Reduce the print pieces – Instead of having an RSVP card, Map, and Wishing Well attached to the invitation. They could include all the information in one Details card.
  2. Paper stock – If they want to add a background colour to the design. Try to use a coloured paper stock instead of printing a solid colour on white stock.
  3. Foil-press – It has a similar finish to letterpress, but with a much better price. If you love the classic letterpress result but find the price is too luxurious, foil-press is a good substitution.
How Far Out Should Couples Book In Wedding Stationery? And What Timelines Would You Recommend They Are Shared With Guests? 

We recommend that couples book wedding invitations at least four months before their wedding date. The design process can take a couple of days to weeks. And the printing lead-time is about 7 to 14 working days.

As the invites are mainly sent via standard post, delivery can take up to 10 working days to some locations. Therefore, we suggest sending them out about one month before the RSVP date. 

How Can Couples Be Conscious Of Environmental Impact When Planning Their Wedding Stationery?

Most of the paper brands on the market are FSC certified. It ensures the products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. The couple can check with their designer and printer about the paper choice. 

Anything Else You’d Like To Add?

A custom embosser is a beautiful choice when it comes to packing all the stationery items in a set. It can be used on belly bands, invitation sleeves, and envelope flaps. Furthermore, you can keep it as a lovely souvenir of your special day.

You can find check out more of Stitch Press’s work HERE or contact them directly via their listing with us as a recommended vendor below.

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