Bergen & Isabella’s Unconventional Love Story From Oregon To Seattle

Bergen and I met through a mutual friend in our hometown. We liked salsa dancing and romantic picnic photoshoots (at the time, I was a photographer, and she was studying science at Oregon State). We didn’t confess our feelings for a long time until we eventually couldn’t keep pretending our picnic dates were platonic. We dated, moved in together, and supported each other through work and school. I studied graphic design when we moved to Portland for Bergen to attend med school.

She supported me through an endometriosis diagnosis and surgery, and I learned how to cook up to her standards (a vegetable included in every dinner). After six years together, we decided it was time to reward ourselves somehow. We love to be fancy, so while we weren’t completely sold on the concept of marriage, we agreed that there was no reason not to give each other jewelry. We met with a jeweler and bought each other rings. In keeping with her decisive and analytical personality, Bergen made a paper model of the ring she wanted down the millimeter, and she also quickly picked out the exact ring design I had been vaguely describing over months. We had each shipped and then hid them until our planned secret double proposals. I brought flowers and balloons to our favorite bakery, hiding the ring box with the pastries, and she sent me on an eating tour-scavenger hunt of all our favorite date spots, ending with a ride on a steam locomotive that pulled up to a group of my friends holding a light-up “Marry Me” sign and music playing. At this point, we were fully committed to getting the most fun out of wedding traditions as possible and were planning a party for June 2024.

We were lucky to have a good friend and photographer, Christina, who understood our engagement and wedding vision. We suggested a field of wildflowers overlooking the Columbia Gorge, and she raised us a waterfall, drone photos, and a cheese and bread picnic just for us. Christina’s girlfriend Sunny came to assist, taking behind-the-scenes pictures and shouting positive encouragement throughout the photoshoot. It was just what we wanted, to have four lesbians frolicking on a hilltop flower field, having fun, and eating snacks.

We are now newly moved to Seattle, and as Bergen begins general surgery residency, we take any excuse we can get to celebrate together, spoil each other, and publicly display our affection.

Photography Christina M Photography

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