A collection of same-sex weddings, engagements and love stories from all corners of Canada.

Intimate and Relaxed Backyard Wedding - LGBTQ+
An Intimate Backyard Wedding around the Bonfire

Morgan and Hillary recently married in an intimate backyard wedding ceremony, around a bonfire with…

Two Brides get married in a forest in the rain
An Forest Wedding in the Rain – Moose Jaw

With a shared love for hiking and adventure, Kayla and Kirsty decided to marry in…

Queer Wedding at Brock House by Sydney Aleisha
A Sunset Wedding at Brock House, Canada

Kirsten and Madison hosted a wedding at Brock House, Canada, surrounded by her favorite people at sunset.

Eloping with kids in Saskatoon with two brides
Ashley & Jamie – An Elopement With Their Son

Eloping with just two witnesses and their son, Ashley and Jamie, celebrated their love in a simple, but romantic, day that was all about them.

Holly Honour Photography Drumheller Alberta LGBTQ Elopement
A Sunset Inspired Adventure Elopement Drumheller, Alberta

This inspired elopement at sunset in Drumheller, Alberta was brought to life with vibrant florals, a contrast to the boho styling and black wedding dress.

Meg Champ photo captured this beautiful LGBTQ+ Queer lesbian maternity family shoot in Chilliwack Canada (23)
The Road to Parenthood as a Queer Family – IVF Journey

After two rounds of IVF that didn’t end in pregnancy, it was third time lucky for queer parents, Courtney and Vanessa who will welcome their daughter on Valentines Day

Heather Hugo photography captured this cute forest surprise lesbian proposal in Canada
Julie & Megan – A One-of-a-Kind Proposal with a Goat

Julie and Megan’s proposal was completely unique, a surprise photoshoot that includes a goat with a little something special around it’s neck asking, ‘will you marry me’.

Lesbian gay small wedding in Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada photographed by Mary Zita Payne
Alanna & Jacqueline – Cutting Down the Wedding Guestlist

Working out the wedding guestlist can be a challenge, especially if you’re social. Here’s how Alanna & Jacqueline went from 100 to 2.

Jennifer Galea Photography lesbian gay wedding inspiration in London, Ontario Canada (1)
Mustard & Mauve – Adding Color and Contrast to your Wedding Day

Inspired by rich mustard and mauve tones, this modern indoor wedding is both feminine and romantic, rich and thoughtful.

Queer gay catholic lesbian couples engagement proposal in Canada captured by Kiana Bryn a Vancouver Photographer (41)
Emily & Jessica – A Beach Photoshoot turned Proposal

Their first date was at a beach, so it felt right that their proposal would happen next to the coast too – they even had a photographer their to capture the special moment.⁠
Captured by @toriosteraa