Caitlyn & Kelsie

By fate, best friends, Caitlyn and Kelsie, both planned to propose, at the same place on the same date. Proof that their souls were meant to be.

Tell Us About Your High School Love Story.

We actually went to high school together but never became friends until after Kelsie had graduated! Long story short, I was outed my senior year of high school, and Kelsie found out from a friend of hers.

We started talking from there, and our first “date” was at a friend’s bonfire.

We talked all night long and ever since that night we have been inseparable!

Now we enjoy having bonfires together at our own house or while camping.

I guess our first date was kind of foreshadowing our future!

Tell Us About How The Whole Secret Proposal Was Nearly Exposed.

The day I had planned to propose, we were on our way to the destination, and my phone was plugged into our car for the GPS. Unfortunately, it also displays who is texting you when you are plugged in. So I was getting texts from our photographer, Lindsey. They kept popping up on the car’s screen, and I had to quickly tell Kelsie that it was one of those political bots that I signed up for in high school that texts you when there is a petition to sign or when you need to call your states representatives!!

Tell Us About The Engagement Ring Experience. Where Are The Rings From?

We went to Shane Co because our friends who had already been married recommended that we go there! They convinced us to go look at rings for the first time after having brunch with them on Kelsie’s 23rd birthday!

What Does Your Engagement Mean To You Both? Has Anything Changed?

For the both of us, nothing has changed except we get to wear these beautiful rings every day and call each other fiancé for fun! From the beginning, we both knew that we had found the person we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with. So it was just a matter of time before we got the money/courage to ask!

Dancing With Her Recommended Vendor
Photography by Lensy Michelle

DWH vendor website badge for Lensy Michelle photographer in Boston USA

You’ll find Lindsey in our online directory of inclusive wedding vendors from around the world.

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