A Simple and Beautiful Wedding in the redwoods forest in California

Alyssa and Whitney met on Tinder and had their first date at a craft beer house in Sacramento, California. After five years together, they moved to Connecticut. In the summer of 2020, they went on a cross-country road trip from their home in Connecticut to California to visit their families. While car-camping at different national parks along the way, Alyssa proposed to Whitney as they watched the sunrise in Badlands National Park.

Their engagement lasted for about a year and a half, during which they faced a few challenges. Alyssa quit their job two weeks before the wedding due to work-related stress, which put some of the planning on hold. Shortly after, Whitney’s stepmom passed away, which further sidetracked their preparations. However, they learned an important lesson about the value of cherishing their loved ones and decided that this was more important than any superfluous details about the wedding.

They found the perfect venue, OVY, by chance. They loved how outdoorsy it felt, and the wedding proceeds supported a sliding scale for kids attending summer camp. Whitney’s mom even video-chatted with them to give them a tour of the venue before they saw it in person. Their wedding theme was simple, which allowed them to appreciate the natural beauty around them.

Their moms were a huge help in finding used items at thrift stores and Marketplace to avoid contributing to waste. Whitney went shopping for her wedding dress with just her mom at a local boutique, which was a special moment for them. Alyssa struggled to find the perfect suit and ended up going to department stores with Whitney, which led to some hilariously sad photos.

On the big day, they decided to spend almost the entire day together. They woke up early from excitement and put the finishing touches on the ceremony and reception spaces before getting ready in separate rooms in their on-site cabin. Their first look was in a private meadow in the campgrounds, and they joined their family members for pictures before the ceremony. Alyssa’s best friend officiated their wedding with a hand-crafted ceremony, and they exchanged personalized vows. They celebrated with their family and friends with cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, and fire-side talks.

Their photographer, Ashley Carlascio, was their standout vendor. She made them feel at home and had a good eye for capturing moments of the day. She also had her wedding at OVY a few years prior, which gave her a unique perspective on the best spots to shoot.

In the end, their wedding was an unforgettable experience filled with love, joy, and cherished memories. Alyssa and Whitney proved that love can conquer all, and that sometimes the simple things in life are the most beautiful.

DWH Partner
Engagement & Wedding Rings
 Emily Chelsea Jewelry

Photographer Ashley Carlascio Photography

Caterer Thai Rice Spoon Catering
Dj Fog City Entertainment
Dress Boutique Gesinees Bridal
Dress Designer Essense Of Australia
Suit Designer SuitShop
Venue Ovy Camp & Events
Videographer The Goodfolk

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