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Lensy Michelle Photography

Hi there! I’m Lindsey (“Lensy”) Michelle – a queer, Boston-based photographer with a soft spot for intimate weddings, elopements, and pretty much any celebration (micro or ginormous) where the couple decided to put what they wanted above anything else. In the words of Aretha Franklin: “What you want? Baby, [you] got it!”

My style is a mix of candid and directed coverage that seeks to amplify and celebrate what makes each couple unique instead of making them look like everyone else. But don’t worry – If the thought of “candids” makes you think, “but we’re awkward.” Not to fear! I gotcha on directing the shots that need a little extra TLC. But honestly, I believe that fabulous candids can come easily if we work hard on planning a day that’s actually enjoyable and stress-free!

Contrary to what you might expect, I try not to enter any of my sessions or weddings with a “go-to shot list” or assumptions about what your love might look like in a photograph. I mean, how could I know? Rather, we’ll try on a bit of everything to see what feels right within your own relationship. Eventually, we’ll hit a grove of what feels like you, and THAT is when the real magic happens.

If I had to describe my work in one phrase, it would be: Honest and quirky – with a bit of an edge.

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