Camille & Nadia – A Picnic Proposal At Golden Hour

Camille held an engagement ring in her bag for eight months before finding the perfect time to propose to her perfect girl.

Tell Us A Little About Yourselves.

Nadia is a visual manager in the retail industry, and Camille is a journalist. In our free time, we like to watch TV series and films, go hiking, go to the cinema (if we can!), travel and just spend time together.

We met on an all-girl dating app three years ago. After a few days of talking through social media, we decided to meet in person. For our first date, we literally walked around the city for three hours talking. Then we went on a few other dates and finally confessed our feelings for each other at the end of August 2017. And we’ve been together since then! 

Tell Us About The Planning Process For The Proposal.

Early in our relationship, we talked about getting married and the future because we knew we wanted to build something together. Each of us aspired to a serious relationship, to something true and pure. Of course, we thought about weddings and proposals early in the relationship because we knew we were the ones for each other. But, we still wanted to take our time and build something strong together. Even if we both thought we were with the right one, we didn’t want to jump into something too quickly.

So at the end of 2019, Cam bought a ring, not knowing how or when she’d propose to Nad.

Fun fact, the ring stayed in her purse for almost eight months while she waited for the right time to propose.

Eight Months! What A Secret To Keep!

C: I wasn’t really stressed during the eight months I waited for the proposal. I always try to do the right thing at the right time, when I feel it’s the moment to do so. I would say I’m a spontaneous and bold person. So, on the last day of June (and Pride month!), we went on a picnic together, near the beautiful Saint-Laurent river. We spent several hours talking, eating, and admiring the panorama. But at the Golden Hour, just before the sun disappears behind the horizon, I spontaneously proposed to Nad. I thought the Golden Hour was the perfect time to ask her. It’s the most beautiful time of the day, and she is the perfect girl.

And The Ring, Tell Us About Finding It.

I proposed with a ring because I wanted to be traditional. Nad had shown me some pictures of rings she’d like on Pinterest and what kind of jewelry she loves. But I didn’t go with that, because I didn’t find anything that I liked. But one day, as I was looking for a ring in a shop, I found the right one. Nad’s ring is a cute rose gold (one of her favorite colors) and silver, with two bands intertwined, like an infinity symbol.

What Does Your Engagement Mean To You Both? Has Anything Changed?

We don’t think anything has changed. Apart from the fact that we’re now planning a massive event with almost a hundred people invited! And, of course, we’re happy to finally say we’re wives-to-be. But in a way, I think it wasn’t supposed to change anything in our relationship. We already knew we wanted to take this step together, so it’s only a new (and incredible) project for us!

When it comes to planning, for now, we’re really ahead of our time, since our wedding is planned for 2022. But we’re excited about every little step and every detail of the planning. For now, we’ve already booked the venue, the DJ, and our photographer. We also have a close friend who’s helping us organize and plan everything, so we are not worried (for now) about it!

How Are You Going About Choosing Your Key Vendors?

We’re trying to go with the people we know and trust who are working in the area that we need for every possible thing. For the rest, we will go with what our hearts say. And recommendations from our friends who know people or have already worked with them in previous events. 

Nadia has had a Pinterest board for the wedding for a very long time. So we, of course, took a lot of inspiration from that. But again, we’re really going with our feelings and what our hearts say. We think it’s the best way to have a wedding representing us, that we will both be grateful and happy about it. We want it to be unforgettable yet straightforward for all of our families and friends who will be there to share this big day with us.

Photography by H3Katelier

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