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A Romantic Proposal in Central Park, New York

A Romantic Proposal in Central Park, New York

Proposal in Central Park, New York

Coming Out

N: Breanna has been out since high school and always dated women but I didn’t really come to my true self until I was out of college due to worry and insecurities and some deep self-reflection. Our families accepted us with open arms and it is just better than I could have expected. 

Our big Italian families blended together so well and it is truly a blessing. 

Dating Life

N: We have been dating for five years and have known each other for about ten. It is actually a funny story about how we started dating. We lived directly next door to each other for eight years but did not interact for most of them. 

After parking across my driveways over and over, I decided to leave her a little note reminding her that the driveway existed. Fast forward four years and a mutual friend put us in touch with each other, realizing we were next-door neighbors and Breanna remembered my little note on her car. 

The rest is history. We fell for each other and are happy as ever. 

Planning the Proposal 

B: I knew I wanted to marry Nicole the day that I laid eyes on her. 

If you ask anyone in college that knows me, they would laugh if you told them that I settled down. But, I did, with the most beautiful girl I can imagine. 

Nicole and I both love the fall, so I knew I had to propose to her in the fall. Once I got the approval from her mother, Lucanne, and her brother Michael John, I set it up right away. 

I planned a proposal at Wagner Cove in the middle of Central Park, under a rustic wooden gazebo, with a background of a lake, and all of the pretty fall leaves and colors, at sunset. Nicole and I love country music, and our song together that we share is “This is us” by Jimmie Allen, which we will be having our first dance to. I hired a country singer to sing this song, while I walked Nicole down the steps, under the Gazebo. I was so nervous that day, we went to a winery in Manhattan before then, and I felt as if we were on a first date again. 

The Proposal

Nicole had a feeling I was going to propose, since I took off of work, but she was still as surprised as ever. Afterwards our families threw us an engagement party at their house. It was the most amazing day/night. The following month on Christmas morning Nicole surprised me and set up a cozy “will you marry me too” morning with a gorgeous ring.

What it Feels Like to be Engaged

It really just solidifies our bond and love for each other. We are still as in love as ever and eager for the future while also celebrating our life now in this present moment. 

Wedding Planning

We have been engaged for three years so we have paced ourselves with planning thankfully. It recently has been creeping up on us with the little details since we are making a lot of them ourselves. Overall, it has been so fun because we have been doing it together as well as with our families. We are just hoping for a fun day celebrating love with our friends and family. 

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