A collection of worldwide LGBTQ+ engagement stories.

Lesbian Halloween proposal in Texas America (1)
Kayla & Savanna – Finding Love After Marriage and Kids

Kayla had children from a previous marriage, but after finding herself and coming out fell in love with Savanna and their blended family just got engaged.

Lesbian engagement session in Rockhampton Queensland captured by Dani Drury . Photographer (1)
Shannon & Nat – Two Proposals, One at the Beach the Other at Home

After a first date that immediately led to becoming inseparable, Shannon and Nat had two proposals. One at the beach, the other low-key at home.

Adrienne & Ryan – Playing Pacman and Proposing

Adrienne and Ryan met on a fated Ultimate frisbee trip, assigned to be co-coaches of a college B-team. They were instant friends and went on their first date a little less than a week later.

Lesbian surprise beach proposal captured by Tiny House Photos in Sanibel America
Indira & Priscilla – Finding Love after Marriage

After meeting when they were both pregnant and married to a man, Indira and Priscilla found love with a woman, unexpectedly but also magically.

Lesbian surprise double proposals one at a church another with family in America
Michelle & Stephanie – Struggling with Identity and Age Difference

After meeting at church and working though their identity, an then though their age-gap, Michelle and Stephanie have chosen marriage together after this proposal photoshoot.

Lesbian romantic surprise proposal on the Gold Coast Queensland
Paige & Paxton – Coming Out and Finding Love after Marriage

Paige and Paxton’s connection was instant, but for Paige it meant coming out after a eleven-year marriage with a man. As a mum in her 30’s, she didn’t realize being so happy was possible.

Debb & Lauren – A Beach Proposal at Sunrise

At sunrise, Lauren asked Debb to marry her on their favorite beach, Asbury Beach, and had photographer, Imeg Photos there to capture the intimate moment.

Romantic gay double surprise proposal on holidays in Malta Europe (1)
Aimee & Jo – A Long Distance Love Between Countries

They met on an online dating app, but living between the UK and the US has been their biggest challenge. They planned their proposal, and had a photographer to capture the moment.

Lesbian surprise beach proposal Newcastle Australia (1)
Pagan & Lauren – A Surprise Beachside Proposal

Keep a proposal a secret isn’t easy, but despite the close calls, this beachside proposal went perfectly – a complete surprise.

Lesbian dark and moody cemetery surprise proposal in Salem Mass USA
Lauren & Sofia – A Spooky Cemetery Proposal

Obsessed with history and all things dark and spooky, Lauren knew the only place she could propose to Sofia was at a cemetery in Salem.