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Falling in Love with a Best Friend After Divorce

Falling in Love with a Best Friend After Divorce

After divorce, Erin and Tasha became best friends – that was until they realized that the relationship they’d formed was far deeper than just ‘best friends.’

Can you tell us about the proposal? 

Cute story, actually. 

We had previously talked about wedding dates we would like, and I love numbers so I said 5/5/23 which is Cinco de Mayo. The other date we were in between was 9/1/23. That is a special date for us, as well, as that is when we realized we felt more than just friends feelings towards one another all those years ago. 

The only issue with that date is that we do so much in the month of September each year and I wanted to spread out the fun and make a date in May. 

Of course, she said she didn’t love that date, so when we arrived home this year on 5/5/22 after our son’s baseball game, I was in complete shock to see that she had decorated our back yard in string lights and tiki torches guiding our way to a large tree in our backyard (also with lights in it) with a beautiful turquoise boho rug under it where she got down on one knee. 

It started to rain on us and through tears asked me to become her wife. 

Her and our son both had waterworks going as I, of course, said yes to the easiest question I have ever been asked. It was only a few seconds later that one of my best friends Facetimed and wanted to know the wedding date …. I laughed at her and told her we hadn’t set a date yet and that is when Erin spoke up and said, “yes we do, 5/5/23.” 

That is when I realized the date and she had pulled off surprising me even more. 

Tell us about deciding to marry legally soon after the proposal.

Only a month or two later, we got word that the supreme court had talk of “undoing what the Dems did back in 2015” which included same-sex marriage. 

Being in Tenessee, we decided to make it legal before we lost the opportunity. 

We celebrated with close friends immediately after pics and then did a mini getaway. In May, we will say personal vows in gowns and all the fun jazz on a turquoise rug on a farm with rolling hills in TN under a big tree with just my best guy friend who is a lawyer (who legally married us on 9/1) officiating and then just our son, she and I. 

Immediately after we will go to our downtown and celebrate with our friends and family. 

What was the day of the legal wedding like? What feelings did you have, how did it all happen? 

It was perfect. We were all smiles from the time our eyes opened. We knew we made it. We were getting married legally and it felt so awesome. 

We did it!!! 

We got our hair and make-up done that day, and by 3pm we had a marriage license in hand and were at my friend Cameron (the lawyer’s office) and we said, “I DO”. 

We went and got the most intimate engagement photos made immediately after. We couldn’t keep our smiles contained or our hands off each other. 

Needless to say not much has changed.

What are your dreams for your future together?

As cheesy as it may sound, I feel like my dreams have already come true and I’m living it. 

This life we have built together surpassed any dreams we ever had as to what true love would/could be. 

Building a life full of love and laughter with your best friend and raising an amazing son together, what more could we ask for. 

We already own a house in town together, but we are currently looking to buy land and build a house on some rolling hills in Tennessee. 

We have two airedoodles and a cat we share our home with as well. 

I would say dreams of our future are to continue always loving each other as much or even more than we do right now until our last breath.

Photography by The Mini Maverick Photography 

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