Ashley & Jamie – An Elopement With Their Son

Eloping in their own city with just two witnesses and their son, Ashley and Jamie, celebrated their love in a day that was all about them. 

Tell Us About Your Scrabble Proposal.

It was a complete surprise. We had just finished going on two different international trips – one with our son and one without – and there hadn’t been a proposal. 

Instead, we were at home playing scrabble on a Friday night in our pajamas. Jamie showed her scrabble letters to me because she “couldn’t make any words.” The letters spelled “Marry Me.” Jamie got up and came around to my side of the table, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry her. 

Why Did You Decide To Elope?

We both decided what would make us the happiest was just being able to spend our day together, focusing on each other and our love. We wanted our son with us, and wanted him to be involved in our ceremony and day as well. 

We had a celebration with friends the following week as a “Let’s celebrate that we got married” – but our priority for our wedding day was just to be together and enjoy every minute without the stress of wedding planning. 

What Was The Elopement Day Like?

We each got ready in the morning with a friend, enjoying the morning with some Starbucks. We met at the river for a first look with our photographer, while our 2 friends (our witnesses) got our son ready for the wedding. 

We went to the venue for our ceremony – having a casual, easy going ceremony. Maverick was our ring bearer, and we each said our own vows. 

After our ceremony, we went and took family photos with our son, Mav. We stayed with our photographer for the afternoon, then met with our son and friends again for our wedding supper at a local restaurant. Maverick said it was the best day and asked us to get married again the next day. 

We spent the night in a honeymoon suite overlooking the river. 

Photographer Alicia Marie

Ceremony Venue Brick Loft Event Co
Dress Boutique Lulu’s
Makeup Kelsey Rae & Hunter Pickering Makeup
Officiant Kelsey Connell
Suit Elagia
Wedding Rings Ben Moss Jewellers

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