Finding Forever Love at 15

They were only 15 when they met, but these high school lovers have poured countless hours of work to ensure that their relationship flourishes, brings us happiness and thrives.

What’s Been Your Favorite Memory Together?

It’s incredibly difficult to single out a single favorite memory from the years of fun and shared experiences we have had together. However, if we had to choose one, it would be the times when we have ventured out of state with a group of friends only to find ourselves seeking solitude away from the crowd. 

Those moments just the two of us, soaking in the surroundings, hold immense significance. Our personal time together means the world to us. While we enjoy traveling with our friends, we cherish the intentional moments we set aside to embrace the present only with each other.

What Has Been The Biggest Challenges You’ve Had To Overcome Together?

Throughout our relationship, we have experienced various challenges. One of them is the lack of support for the LGBTQ+ community from one of our families. We have had to overcome obstacles to rebuild trust and take the time to heal our inner child, which has enabled us to communicate effectively with each other.

Tell Us Your Favorite Thing About One Another

Ashleigh about Jada: I am captivated by Jada’s energy. Getting to know her is an experience that sparks love and admiration. She has a gift, one that effortlessly draws people towards her. She makes them feel secure, valued, and cherished. Jada’s heart shines with a warmth that she shares with her community and loved ones. Her genuineness is a testament to the boundless love she carries within her, leaving a lasting impact on all who are fortunate enough to cross her path.

Jada about Ash: What I adore most about Ashleigh is her dedication to the things she cares about. She always gives 110% to our relationship, our animals, her friends and family, and our home. I am constantly in awe of her selflessness and commitment. But that is not all. Her creativity shines when it comes to any event we host, and I absolutely love it. She has this incredible ability to make hosting so much fun and infusing it with her unique touch. 

It brings me back to the days when my family used to gather. 

What’s In The Future For You Both?

Our future feels bright and promising. In just one week, we will be adventuring off to Costa Rica, and this summer we are on the verge of purchasing our own home. We have numerous other exciting travel plans lined up. 

Our biggest goal and hope for this year is to fully immerse ourselves into modeling together and aim to create something beautiful out of our unique story and shared life. 

Photography by Jaime Denise Photo

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