In the image, two women are standing in water at sunset, sharing an embrace. The woman on the left has dark hair with a floral accessory and tattoos on her arms, and is wearing a dark top. The other woman has long, wavy hair and a light-colored blouse. The setting sun casts a warm glow around them, reflecting on the water's surface.

A Couple’s Shoot in the Water at Sunset

An intimate golden hour photoshoot that celebrates the love between Amanda and Emma – two humans wildly in love planning their own wedding.

What Do You Each Love Most About One Another?

M: What I love most about Emma is how compassionate and gentle she is with everything she does in life. If there were more people like her, this world would be a better place.

E: Do you ever just want to grab someone’s ass and tell them you love them?? That’s how I feel about this one. What I adore most about Mandy is her willingness to push the boundaries. She pushes me in so many beautiful ways. Internally and career-wise. She encourages everyone around her to be their best self and always drops everything to give a helping hand. She has overcome mountains, and damn, does it ever show. 

Mandy is constantly pushing me in all the right directions, and I admire her for this because sometimes I fall into a comfortable, cozy zone that is fearful of change. I wouldn’t be where I am without her. Plus, her singing skills help those heartstrings explode. 

If You Could Offer Your Younger Self Some Advice, What Advice Would You Give?

M: If I could offer my younger self advice, I would 100% let her know IT DOES GET BETTER. I have seen many other people also talk about how rough it was being raised in a small conservative religious town as a young gay person. It’s not the same environment as an adult as it was a vulnerable kid in school. There is kindness and acceptance in this world, I promise! Don’t take anything other than that because there are people that love you for who you are. Even if you don’t see it yet.

E: Allow yourself to trust your intuition, and let yourself love freely. Don’t fight it. Life gets a little weird figuring things out. Find those humans in your life or in your community that accepts you. There is a beautiful home in the LGBT+ community. 

What’s Next For Your Relationship? 

M: What’s next for Emma and I is our wedding coming up in June. if COVID-19 doesn’t cancel it (fingers crossed). We have to downsize, but we are so beyond excited to celebrate this day with our friends and family! We have also been researching more about starting a family in the near future after our wedding!

Photography by Aleisha Boyd & Heather Doughty Photography

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