LGBTQ+ Real Love Stories

A collection of LGBTQ+ love stories that will make your heart explode. From the love stories about where it all began, engagements, and weddings to lovers navigating the journey to parenthood, these are real love stories that celebrate all things LGBTQ+ love and relationships.

A lesbian wedding in Tuscany
A Love Story Starting at the Women’s Lacrosse World Cup

Katrina & Kim’s wedding story that began with playful banter and long legs at the Women’s Lacrosse World Cup. From schnapps surprises to enchanting proposals, this love story is a whirlwind of romance, and happily ever after.

A Lesbian Military couples romantic elopement
A Military Couple’s Journey of Enduring Commitment and a Whimsical Elopement

From a non-traditional engagement to coping with distance as a military couple, follow their journey of love, commitment, and overcoming obstacles. Discover the beauty of their elopement and the strength of their bond.

A breathtaking lesbian elopement in the North Cascades National Park
Lauren & Steph’s Elopement in the Mountains

From a chance encounter at a baseball game to a breathtaking proposal atop Glacier National Park.

A small Australian lesbian wedding on a farm
From High School Crushes to a Magical Wedding

Ebony & Hannah met in high school and defied the odds to build a lasting relationship. From a secret proposal with a viral video to a heartwarming wedding on a family farm.

An gorgeous lesbian wedding in Ireland, UK
Finding Unconditional Love After a Challenging Journey

The extraordinary love story of Grace and Danielle. From breaking free of a religious cult to overcoming challenges to find each other.

A lesbian bohemian vintage wedding
A Double Proposal to a Perfect Wedding

From missed trails to dual proposals, Dani & Lina’s love prevailed. And discover how their perfect wedding unfolded, embracing earth tones and vintage romance amidst breathtaking views.

A stunning lesbian Italian wedding
Nina & Petra’s Dream Wedding in Sardinia

Nina & Petra’s love story began in a Zumba class and blossomed into a decade-long adventure. To Sardinia, where they celebrated their dream wedding surrounded by nature, and relaxed vibes.

A Mixed Culture Wedding Celebration in the South Of France
Stephanie & Tirupa’s Queer Hindu Wedding

Stephanie & Tirupa’s unforgettable wedding. Fusing cultures and creating representation, their mixed culture wedding became a beautiful fusion of Indian, French, and English traditions, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

An intimate lesbian elopement in Colorado's mountains
Christina & Corissa’s Unforgettable Elopement in Colorado

Corissa and Christina’s love story begins with a chance encounter and leads to an elopement in the picturesque landscapes of Colorado. Experience their cherished memories, from thrilling tuk-tuk rides to heartfelt proposals, and discover the beauty of their unique bond.

Highschool sweetheart lesbian elopement
Ceirra & Rhiannon’s Magical Elopement

From a haunted trail to a surprise proposal, Ceirra & Rhiannon’s elopement in Oregon becomes a magical celebration of their love.