AM And Cody’s Intimate Wedding Story

Words by photographer Frances of Frances Beatty Photography

They had originally planned a small ceremony followed by a larger reception, all of which would take place in the town they call home, Owen Sound. Cody runs a successful shop on the main street in Owen Sound, which is part of the reason I met her well before the wedding. She’s hard to miss. Ginger hair, bright red lips, always put together, and a smile that could melt your heart. I love her shop and used to stop by for cheese or a bite to eat. At a local event, I had the privilege of photographing Cody and AM. It was a fake prom, and the two of them had insanely good chemistry that I noticed immediately. AM is also red-haired, and they were wearing bright red lipstick that night. They both wore jewel-toned dresses and when they were together they were electric.

Fast forward to pandemic times, and these two had to press pause on their wedding for fear of being shut down for all the reasons we’re all aware of. They took a hard look at their plans and shifted things so that they would have a small affair the following year that meant no chance of being shut down. They rented a historic schoolhouse in rural Grey Highlands and invited their two best friends as witnesses. Cody and AM opted to get ready together after relaxing with their friends in the schoolhouse.

There were seven of us in total for their ceremony, including one of the witnesses’ new baby. It was intimate, heartfelt, down to earth, and so very them. They gifted their two witnesses a piece of the woven material they would use during the handfasting ceremony during the ceremony. A piece of fabric I’m pretty sure AM wove by hand. When Cody and AM shared their personal vows, there wasn’t a dry eye among us.

After the ceremony, we stole away for photos and for some time for them to process all that had just taken place. We roamed around the property and tucked into the apple trees to smell the fresh blossoms. We explored the cedars and the pines and made our way back to the schoolhouse for a pizza party on the deck. Everyone pitched in to set the table and bring the food. It felt very warm, cozy, and familiar. We finished the evening off with string lights, cake, and extremely emotional speeches.

The whole day left my heart so very full.

Dancing With Her Partner
Photography by Frances Beatty Photography
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