A romantic lesbian elopement in the desert of Joshua Tree, USA
Chyla & Roxanne’s Sunset Vows and Birthday Proposals

Three and a half years ago, our journey began amidst global uncertainty, starting through virtual dates into real-life adventures. Chyla & Roxanne’s favorite memory is the first in-person date at Huntington Beach, under bioluminescent waves, marking the start of an inseparable bond.

A romantic lesbian beach wedding on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria
Amanda & Carol ‘s Wedding Tale on the Bellarine Peninsula

Amanda and Carol transformed their work friendship into a lifetime partnership. Their DIY wedding on the Bellarine Peninsula was a blend of nostalgia, family values, and personal touches, celebrating love in its most genuine and joyful form.

A romantic lego themed garden wedding
Dorothy & Lauren’s Badoo Love Story and Enchanting Garden Wedding

Dorothy and Lauren’s love blossomed on Badoo, leading to a whimsical garden wedding at Terrain. Their day was filled with Lego-themed decor, heartfelt vows, and a celebration of their unique journey from digital connection to marital bliss.

A fun lesbian outside wedding in New South Wales, Australia
Charity and Peta’s Intimate Elopement at Goosewing Cottage

harity and Peta’s elopement encapsulates true love and individuality. Their wedding at Goosewing Cottage, documented by Cavanagh Photography, began from a serendipitous meeting on a Contiki tour to a deeply personal and heartfelt celebration of their union.

An adventurous lesbian mountain elopement in Whistler, Canada
Karen and Samantha’s Magical Mountain Elopement in Whistler

Karen and Samantha’s elopement transcends a traditional wedding. From a corn maze romance to a mountaintop vow in Whistler, their journey reflects love’s resilience, intimate celebrations, and the beauty of saying ‘I do’ in nature.

A cute lesbian proposal in Maine, USA
Karissa & Kelly’s Romantic Proposal and Dream Wedding Plans in New England

Discover Karissa and Kelly’s magical engagement story, from their first Hinge date to a romantic proposal in Elizabeth Park. Embrace their journey of love, inclusive ring shopping, and creative wedding planning for a non-traditional, fun-filled celebration in August 2025.

A surprise lesbian proposal in the Dolomites, Italy
Abbie & Lucy’s First Date to Fairytale Proposal in the Dolomites

Abbie & Lucy’s surprise proposal in the Dolomites. Amidst hilarious challenges like sneaking the ring and evading photography, their engagement symbolizes a beautiful new chapter in Spain or Italy, surrounded by loved ones.

An intimate New York City Hall lesbian elopement
From an Engagement in Paris to a Whimsical NYC City Hall Elopement

In just two years, Kam & Kara’s love story blossomed from a chance meeting during clinical rotations to a spontaneous elopement at NYC City Hall.

An intimate queer wedding in San Francisco USA
Jewels & Maddie’s Intimate San Francisco City Hall Wedding

From sipping lattes in Ottawa to twirling in San Francisco’s grand halls โ€“ Maddie and Jewels are serving major love vibes!

An intimate lesbian wedding in Portland, Oregon
Long-Distance Adventures and an Intimate Wedding

From swiping right to an enchanting open-water swim, Abby & Shaina’s journey led them to an intimate wedding celebration.