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Frances Beatty Photography

Images from the heart for the heart.
I'm Frances - A wedding, portrait, and family photographer from Ontario. I am an observer, a friend and a confidant. A calming presence and an advocate for you throughout your day. I want to do more than just document your day; I want to help create a memorable experience for you and your partner. I want to help you slow down so you can be more present and breathe in your big love and all of the moments. I want to get to know you, quirks and all, and help you see how beautiful you are.

I explore intimacy, connection, and love of all kinds. I want my images to make you feel something. So my approach is always documentary with gentle guidance. Whether you love being in front of the camera or are a bit on the shy side, I've got your back! By focusing on your experience and your connection, we can create the most beautiful art that's true to you, and you'll have a wonderful time doing it!

Let me focus on capturing your story so you can focus on the good stuff — experiencing it.

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Kimberley, Ontario, Canada
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