A romantic lesbian elopement in the desert of Joshua Tree, USA
Chyla & Roxanne’s Sunset Vows and Birthday Proposals

Three and a half years ago, our journey began amidst global uncertainty, starting through virtual dates into real-life adventures. Chyla & Roxanne’s favorite memory is the first in-person date at Huntington Beach, under bioluminescent waves, marking the start of an inseparable bond.

An intimate queer wedding in San Francisco USA
Jewels & Maddie’s Intimate San Francisco City Hall Wedding

From sipping lattes in Ottawa to twirling in San Francisco’s grand halls – Maddie and Jewels are serving major love vibes!

A romantic whimsical lesbian wedding in Iceland
The Unveiling of a Lesbian Styled Wedding Amidst Iceland’s Majestic Beauty

Discover the magic of a lesbian styled wedding in Iceland, where love intertwines with the beauty of the landscape. Uncover the inspiration that brought this enchanting celebration to life, embracing nature’s allure and heartfelt connections.

An intimate lesbian wedding in Portland, Oregon
Long-Distance Adventures and an Intimate Wedding

From swiping right to an enchanting open-water swim, Abby & Shaina’s journey led them to an intimate wedding celebration.

A lesbian elopement in Italy
Lesbian Elopement in Italy with a Twist

Jen and Carly, found love in the midst of lockdown chaos. Their romantic elopement in Italy, complete with rain-soaked vows and unexpected twists, proves that love conquers all—even in the most unpredictable times.

A Lesbian Military couples romantic elopement
A Military Couple’s Journey of Enduring Commitment and a Whimsical Elopement

From a non-traditional engagement to coping with distance as a military couple, follow their journey of love, commitment, and overcoming obstacles. Discover the beauty of their elopement and the strength of their bond.

A breathtaking lesbian elopement in the North Cascades National Park
Lauren & Steph’s Elopement in the Mountains

From a chance encounter at a baseball game to a breathtaking proposal atop Glacier National Park.

An intimate lesbian elopement in Colorado's mountains
Christina & Corissa’s Unforgettable Elopement in Colorado

Corissa and Christina’s love story begins with a chance encounter and leads to an elopement in the picturesque landscapes of Colorado. Experience their cherished memories, from thrilling tuk-tuk rides to heartfelt proposals, and discover the beauty of their unique bond.

Sustainable Elopement Inspiration
A Windy Elopement Among the Hoodoos in Alberta

At Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, among the hoodoos, this sustainable elopement featured everything thrifted

Vibrant Elopement Inspiration - Carnival Inspired
Bold, Vibrant Carnival-Inspired Elopement (with Bouncehouse!)

The colorful styled editorial celebrates queer love, and creativity. It’s bold, has balloon installations, a cotton candy dessert station and a jumping castle.