A Modern Adventure Elopement In Yosemite National Park, California

When I found Lauryn and Paula on the Dancing with Her Lovers Database, I was excited by their proximity to one of my favorite places in California: Yosemite National Park. After chatting with Lauryn a bit and learning that her and Paula were recently engaged, I knew they would be a great fit for the vision I had in mind for a styled elopement in the park. 

My vision, of course, was simply to find a LGBTQ+ couple that was madly in love and willing to dress up in wedding attire so I could showcase them in this gorgeous location. 

On the morning of the shoot, we all woke up before dawn as they started hair and makeup at their hotel, Yosemite Valley Lodge. We definitely hadn’t escaped the forecasted rain, but there was hope, as it looked like it would slow down a bit in time for sunrise. 

As the sun began to rise and we started to wrap up their getting ready process and writing of their vows, the rain continued in spurts. After finishing their vows to each other, they helped each other put on their dresses and then we were off!

When we arrived at Tunnel View, it was still drizzling but it had slowed enough for us to be able to get out and start getting photos. And just as we were standing there taking in the view, the sun decided to peek through the dreamy clouds and create the most magical light I had ever seen. We basked in the shifting light for a while and when the area started to get a little more crowded, we packed up and headed further into the valley again for their ceremony. Once we arrived at Cathedral Beach, they exchanged personal notes to each other that brought them each to tears. It was a beautiful moment and a huge reason I love having my models do something like this for styled shoots: it’s all about the emotion! They shared a kiss and then we played and got creative on the beach for a while, continuing to awe in the changing light and how it was dancing around the valley. After enjoy some champagne and some more photos, we headed out to our final stop to get some food!

We ended their styled elopement with a walk through the Ahwahnee Hotel, enjoying the different areas before finally walking into the dining room with floor to ceiling windows. It was the perfect way to end their shoot and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to showcase love and this incredible location!

Photography by Summit and Sur

Cake Spirit Made Cakes
Dining Room & Hotel Ahwahnee Hotel
Dress Boutique Madelaines Bridal Boutique 
Dresses Chic Nostalgia & Riki Dalal
Florals KBFloral Design
H&MU Blush Yosemite Makeup and Hair
Hotel Room Yosemite Valley Lodge
Vow Books Jen Simpson Design

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