Dark And Moody Wedding In A Bristol Church

Tell Us The Inspiration Behind The Shoot.

I wanted something elegant but darker, rather than a super alternative shoot you might see more of, showcasing darker colors and giving them space to be impactful, which this old church really lends itself to. It was great playing on the venue’s atmosphere, which is a restored traditional church turned modern venue, which meant we could reclaim this gorgeous venue without any prejudice of who you love. This setup was “Dark & Moody” to showcase the best of local South West UK vendors and let them be creative within the brief, which meant that the whole setup took on this hugely inspirational vibe of its own. There were so many elements that hadn’t been seen before…it was magic!

Words By Couple, Rachael & Sarah

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge You’ve Had To Overcome Together?

When we first started dating, Rachael’s travel visa to Canada had just ended. Rachael then had to move back to the United Kingdom while Sarah was still in Vancouver.

We only lasted two months doing long-distance (with Sarah flying back and forth to the UK since she worked for an airline) until Sarah decided to apply for a work visa and move to the UK.

From there, the first couple weeks of adjusting to life in the UK were hard, and THEN the pandemic hit… we survived quarantine and a pandemic within the first year of dating. We can survive anything now!

Tell Us Your Favorite Thing About One Another.

Sarah– My favorite thing about Rachael is her love for life and creating a beautiful world for herself and those around her. She is so extremely caring, loving, happy, and overall positive person. She makes my worst days instantly better. 

Rachael- Sarah has this incredible passion for life, and her want to just ‘do more’ with life is so beautiful to see and watch and be part of. I feel honored every day to get to be part of her journey.

What Does The Future Hold For You?

That is such a tough question for us since we are both huge travelers and for the last eight years haven’t stayed put in one country for more than two years! We now run our own business Rainbow Certified, an apparel and accessories brand with designs for the LGBTQ+ community. We also both work remote jobs- so the world is our oyster!

Once Covid starts to calm down a bit, I think we will travel for months at a time, working, exploring, enjoying each other, and whatever life throws our way! Maybe we will be adults and buy a house or something eventually.

Photography by Charlie Britz Photography
Lead Photographers on Workshop Stephanie Dreams PhotographyRuby Walker Photography

Black Crown Clare Lloyd Accessories
Cake Cemlyn Cakes
Catering Pickle and Pear
Celebrant Jennifer Patrice
Ceremony Venue The Mount Without
Dress Boutique Crazy in Love Bridal
Florist Wild Thoughts
Flower Ribbon 
The Botanical Dyer
Makeup Stephanie Graham
Planner | Stylist Little Wedding Helper
Stationery Hunter Gatherings
Suit Designer ASOS
Workshop Love for All

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