Ellyn & Elyse’s Unconventional Wedding Journey

Personal Touches

The ceremony was the heart of their wedding. Instead of going the traditional route, they chose to have a close friend, Patrick, officiate. They didn’t just stop at that though; they also recorded Patrick and his wife’s reaction to this special request, which only added to the moment’s intimacy. Patrick, with his unique style and intimate knowledge of the couple, made the ceremony resonate with a distinct touch, leaving the newlyweds feeling deeply seen. He even gifted them his notecards post-ceremony as a token of his love and appreciation.

Words Of Wisdom

For future couples, they advise focusing on feelings over formality. It’s essential to remember the emotional core of the wedding. They recommend taking breaks to savor those quiet moments amidst the festive chaos.

Vibe Of The Day

Their wedding wasn’t just an event but a vibrant party. It was a space where everyone was welcome to be themselves, laugh, dance, and celebrate love.

Crafting A New Identity

A unique aspect of their union was the decision to craft a new last name. With the help of Bananagrams and a fun game for their guests, they combined elements of their names to create a fresh family identity. This gesture showcased their shared journey and their intention to write a new chapter together.


Though not as popular as they had imagined, the audio guestbook was a treasure trove of heartfelt messages. Alongside video toasts, these audio snippets stand as timeless memories, especially given they chose not to record their ceremony.

Dressing The Part

Ellyn’s attire broke traditional norms. Instead of a conventional dress or suit, she opted for a custom ensemble featuring a cape reminiscent of her mother’s wedding dress. To symbolize their unity, elements of Elyse’s lace were incorporated.

A Feast For All

The couple’s menu was a delicious blend of flavors. The spread was as diverse as their love story, from falafel sliders to Japchae noodles and the exotic Moroccan chicken. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, they chose an array of delectable desserts, with coco loco cookies being a crowd favorite.

DIY Magic

Their creative streak shone through in the decor. They transformed simple Trader Joe’s flower bouquets with the help of their florist friends. Their DIY feather palm lamps, created from candle holders, fairy lights, ostrich feathers, and foam, added a whimsical touch. The cocktail table centerpieces with green jars and peacock feathers were another testament to their unique aesthetic.

Memorable Moments

Ellyn- I was moved by the significant gesture of my sister and brother-in-law, who made the long journey from South Korea to be present for the special day.

Elyse- I on the other hand, cherish the memory of seeing everyone dancing freely, expressing their joy, and particularly the sight of Ellyn jamming with her egg shakers.

In essence, Ellyn and Elyse’s wedding was more than just a ceremony; it was a reflection of their shared journey, individual personalities, and commitment to a shared future on their terms.

Dancing With Her Partner
Photography by Mandee Johnson

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