Amy & Jenylle

Amy and Jenylle, who love to work out together, travel, and spend time with their two kids, Jax and Brooklyn, met at the gym. Jenylle would always come into Amy’s 5 am Spenga sessions, and a romance formed.

They both knew that they wanted to be engaged and get married but weren’t sure how it would happen. All Amy and Jenylle did know were that neither of them was getting down on one knee.

On their second anniversary, they made plans together to go back to where they had their first date. That night Jenylle gave Amy a picture frame that read, “every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite” and held out her rings.

Their engagement was for one year.

Words By Amy

Just like the engagement, we always wondered how we would get married. Would we go somewhere and elope, who do we invite, when do we want to do it. So with so many unknowns, I had a good base of what Jenylle would like. Being somewhat of an extremist – I came up with the idea to throw a surprise wedding for Jenylle!

Our photographer, Lauren, and I came up with an elaborate plan that we were being featured in a magazine for same-sex marriage a few weeks from that date. I then had just a few months to get everything into place. We told the kids about the “photo shoot,” so we picked out our own attire for the event. We ordered them online and prayed they fit!

I went on Facebook – made a secret event, and invited some of our closest friends and family. At the time, I figured – the venue is about ninety minutes from our hometown, and with such short notice, only a few people would be able to come. I only received about three declines!

Fast forward to November 30th. The whole time I knew there were going to be two surprises for Jenylle. After the four of us took some shots outside, we walked into the venue, and only our parents and my brother were there waiting for us in a ceremony style set up. Then our closest friends and family joined in on that. Jenylle couldn’t believe it, and it was AWESOME!

We cried, we laughed, and we had so much love surrounding us. Then we had about an hour just by ourselves; we stayed hidden in the room where we did the ceremony. I told Jenylle we would have a small private dinner with the few people who attended the ceremony in a little bit. We drank a few ‘Old Fashions’ and read the handwritten vows we previously wrote for each other that I had packed for the trip.

People often ask, why did you have vows written – our answer, we are women. It’s what we do!

So then it was time for surprise two! While we had our time alone together, about one hundred and twenty family members and friends were pilling into the reception room. Jenylle walked in, turned the corner, and was shocked to see everyone else that came. I would give many things to go back to that moment. There was so much love, passion, happiness, and let’s not forget the best-handcrafted cocktails we’ve had!

Seeing Jenylle’s face in shock a few times that night will always be something ingrained in my head. Something else I will never forget was our first dance, which the kids joined in. To see the smiles on their faces meant everything.

Photography by Lo Photography

Cake Nothing Bundt Cakes
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Florist Charlyn Floral
Flowergirl Outfit Nicolettes Couture
Gowns AN Luxe Label
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