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The Buckland Studios

The Buckland Studios is a world unto itself – a place to leave your daily life behind and be yourself again. Arriving at The Buckland, guests give themselves over to the encompassing quiet of the deep forest, rediscovering the present moment in the grandiloquent alpine views.

While staying in one of the four studios or the eponymous ‘Number 5’, couples hideaway in luxury. The residences trace a line of pristine forest along the hillside, distanced from one another by screens of native vegetation. Privacy is a given, and leisure is effortless.

All accommodation options at The Buckland come with the comforts of king beds with fine linen, superbly appointed kitchens and bathrooms, and sitting rooms with designer furnishings and fire hearths. Mornings begin with fully cooked breakfasts in The Buckland Breakfast Lounge, where wakefulness is merely optional.

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Buckland VIC, Australia
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