Volume One


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Editorial Contributions

Courtney Peppernell shares poems of love.

My Proposal Co on making the big ask a huge celebration.

Leanne Griffiths on the legal side of things.

Sassafras Floral Design on picking the perfect bunch.

Bert Jewellery on creating jewellery with a story.

Pop Up Gardens on sustainable plant hire on your big day.


Real Stories

Anita & Kelsey photographed by Emily Adamson Photography.

Courtney & Heather photographed by Sarah Kennedy Photography.

Leah & Tahleah photographed by Nix Cartel.

Natalie and Rhiannon photographed by Jessie Dains Photography.

Illona & Tashai and their South African wedding day.

Jessica and Tasmin photographed by Rachel Lambert Photography.

Reanna and Emma photographed by Translucent Photography

Aimee & Kate photographed by Joel Skingle Photography.

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