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Blind Contour Drawings and Wedding Rings: A Love Story

Blind Contour Drawings and Wedding Rings: A Love Story

Relationship challenges to forever love

Love stories are always fascinating, especially when they involve chance encounters and spontaneous gestures. The story of how Sloan and Stephanie met is no exception. It all started at a dive bar in Seattle in 2008. Sloan was sitting at the bar, doing a blind contour drawing, when Stephanie approached them and suggested they draw each other. After drawing each other, Stephanie wrote their number down on the paper and handed it to Sloan. Although Sloan was taken aback by the gesture, they called Stephanie, and the rest, as they say, is history.

One of the couple’s favorite memories together is when they made each other’s wedding rings. Stephanie is a jeweler and jewelry teacher, and Sloan suggested they teach each other how to make rings. They spent the day making each other’s rings, and it was a beautiful and special experience. This experience inspired Stephanie to start offering a wedding ring-making workshop to other couples, which has become a successful business. The couple also made each other another ring for their vow renewal ceremony.

Another cherished memory for the couple was when they moved from Seattle to the Olympic Peninsula. They had always talked about leaving the city, and when they finally did, it was a significant moment for them. The move was a point of growth in their relationship, and it opened up new possibilities for them.

Of course, no relationship is without challenges, and the couple has faced their fair share. The biggest challenge they have faced was running a small business during the pandemic while also fostering a fourth-grader who was doing hybrid remote learning. Additionally, Sloan was exploring their transness during this time. Despite these challenges, the couple grew together, and their love for each other only grew stronger.

When asked about their favorite thing about each other, Sloan and Stephanie talked about their love for each other. They recall how they used to worry about saying “I love you” too much, but they realized that their love for each other is expansive and knows no bounds. They have learned to surrender control and experience life as it comes.

Looking to the future, Sloan and Stephanie are excited to see where life takes them. They are committed to supporting each other’s growth as individuals and enjoying the little moments of life together, such as dancing in the kitchen and playing with their dogs. As they have learned throughout their relationship, life is full of unexpected twists and turns, but as long as they have each other, they can handle anything.

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