A romantic lesbian beach wedding on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria
Amanda & Carol ‘s Wedding Tale on the Bellarine Peninsula

Amanda and Carol transformed their work friendship into a lifetime partnership. Their DIY wedding on the Bellarine Peninsula was a blend of nostalgia, family values, and personal touches, celebrating love in its most genuine and joyful form.

A romantic lego themed garden wedding
Dorothy & Lauren’s Badoo Love Story and Enchanting Garden Wedding

Dorothy and Lauren’s love blossomed on Badoo, leading to a whimsical garden wedding at Terrain. Their day was filled with Lego-themed decor, heartfelt vows, and a celebration of their unique journey from digital connection to marital bliss.

A modern and unique lesbian styled shoot in Utah, America
Capturing Love and Fashion in this Unique Tennis-Inspired Shoot

Discover the inspiration behind this unique tennis-themed photo shoot, where fashion meets fun. Learn how they blend documentary and editorial styles to capture the essence of this couple’s unique story.

A cute lesbian proposal in Seattle, USA
Bergen & Isabella’s Unconventional Love Story from Oregon to Seattle

From salsa dancing to supporting each other through medical school and health challenges, our story is about love, growth, and unconventional proposals. Join us on our journey from Oregon State to Seattle, celebrating life’s milestones with joy and affection.

Creative Colorful Wedding Shot on Film
A Creative Colorful Wedding Shot on Film

Creatives at heart, Becka and Julianna shared a colorful wedding at Outdoor Art Club, California, that was entirely shot on film.

A Magical Lesbian Wedding in Sayulita, Mexico
A Magical Wedding in Sayulita, Mexico

Starting from a chance meeting at a coffee stand to a picturesque wedding in Sayulita, Mexico. To their heartfelt proposal, vibrant wedding outfits, and the magical ambiance of their beachside celebration.

Vibrant Elopement Inspiration - Carnival Inspired
Bold, Vibrant Carnival-Inspired Elopement (with Bouncehouse!)

The colorful styled editorial celebrates queer love, and creativity. It’s bold, has balloon installations, a cotton candy dessert station and a jumping castle.

A beautifully intimate queer elopement
Love Without Bounds: The Intimate Elopement of Jess and TT

Jess and TT, two online content creators and makeup artists, eloped in an intimate ceremony focused on their love for each other. After three failed proposals, the couple decided to forego a traditional wedding and opt for a simple, yet beautiful, vacation with a wedding.

Creative Engagment Shoot by Rainbow Road Studio
Becka & Julianna – A Creative Engagement Shoot

These two creative souls knew they didn’t want an ‘ordinary’ engagement shoot. Instead, they had one that celebrated breakfast and their quirkiness.

Bright bold colorful lesbian elopement wedding in the United Kingdom styled by Haus of Gravity (1)
A Bold, Funky & Creative Bowling Alley Elopement

This bold, bright and funky elopement colors outside the lines. Brought to life in a bowling alley, this retro inspired wedding is just the right amount of magic.