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Anna & Ilaria

Anna & Ilaria

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The Love Story

Anna: I am an English teacher, and I mainly work in the corporate sector. I am positive, curious, and always out to learn something new. Music, reading, and learning about all things spiritual and paranormal are things I love too. I am blessed, and I couldn’t be more grateful for my life.

Ilaria: I am a journalist, and I work for the local newspaper, Giornale di Brescia. I’ve always been keen on writing, and I’ve got my half-finished novel locked up in a drawer. I’m an avid reader, a piano player, and an indie music lover.

We are committed vegetarians, and we believe in the importance of every life form on this planet.

Both loving traveling, getting to know other cultures, and exploring new places together. We do that as much as we can. We love our families, our home, and our little zoo. Living with one dog and four cats, and there is a lot of love in the air.

We’ve been together for about three years and met by chance at a bar on a Saturday afternoon. I was trying to juggle a mobile phone, a lit cigarette, my dog, and a glass of coke, and Ilaria came to the rescue out of nowhere, offering to hold my drink. We started talking, and we haven’t stopped since.

The Engagement

Anna: It was April the 5th, 2018, and we had both had a rough day at work. We decided to go to our favorite Indian restaurant for dinner (India was our first travel destination as a couple). Nevertheless, Ilaria was still quite sad. I had been waiting for the right moment to surprise her, and she actually helped out when she asked me, “please cheer me up.” So I told her to close her eyes and, right in front of the bathroom door, I pulled out the ring. She wasn’t expecting it, and she started crying. It took about ten minutes for her to say yes. Our engagement was about five months.

The Wedding Day

Anna: Ilaria knew exactly what she would be wearing from day one. A few days after I proposed, she jumped on a train with three friends of hers and went to Laure de Sagazan’s Atelier in Rome, where she bought the dress. I wasn’t so steadfast and bought a suit, but then I changed my mind. I went to Max Mara Milano with my Mum, and I bought a jumpsuit. Just to try it on to understand that it was the one.

We wanted our wedding day to be full of joy, and our families strongly supported us, which was a blessing. We wanted the atmosphere to be peaceful and colorful. Most importantly, we desired to share our happiness with all the people who are part of our life. The Mexican/boho theme came up when Roberto, the catering guy, came to visit us and saw our house. Taking inspiration from our furniture and our home’s vibe.

We had decided that no animals would be harmed for our celebration for the food, so we went for an entirely vegetarian meal. This was no easy task because of the Italian food culture standards, and we were afraid our guests might not like it, but we wanted our wedding to symbolize who we are, so we went on with our plan. Roberto helped us make our idea into a reality, giving us great advice and planning all the dishes. The result was astonishing. Everyone was happy with the food and unexpectedly satisfied.

The wedding day absolutely exceeded our expectations. Everything was just perfect, and everyone was happy. The sun blessed us with the most incredible sunset. We were speechless and utterly grateful.

We wish we could go back in time and relive our special day. Being so excited and so busy talking to everybody we missed a lot of the details we had spent hours on. Time flies on that day. It’s like a tornado.

What Marriage Means to Us

Anna: It’s the chance of a lifetime to share every part and moment of my life with my person.

Ilaria: I was sure she was the one the very moment I saw her, and I felt committed to her when we first kissed. But I wanted the whole world to know that we were going to be a family, bonded forever in front of the law, not just in our hearts. In some countries, especially now in Italy, marriage is not only an act of love but a political choice. I married Anna because she’s my soulmate, but I’m also aware that we’ve written a small and significant page in our country’s history.

Photography by Laura Stramacchia

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