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Beonca & Cierra

Beonca & Cierra

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Beonca and I met on the social app H.E.R. back in 2017. Our first time seeing each other was at Starbucks in Fredericksburg, Virginia. That was, by far, one of the best nights of my life; however, I didn’t blow the candle out.

We went on our date, and once we finally made it back to our cars to part ways, instead of kissing her, I left in a panic because I had a hard time reading her all night. She called me immediately once I got in my car to ask me if I was okay and what happened. I never wanted a missed opportunity again, so I found it necessary to go back to the beginning to get that kiss she deserved the first night.

I proposed at that same Starbucks almost two and a half years later with all of our closest friends.

We talked about marriage a few times. I just wanted to get her thoughts on it and make sure she was ready. Asking her closest family and friends for her hand, and after some time, I was given their blessing.

I told her that my co-worker [who she didn’t know] was getting married, and had invited us to his wedding. So I created a fake wedding invitation with a theme because I wanted her to wear a gold dress. The invitation was detailed and even listed a ceremony and reception site.

She didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary until about a week before the proposal. I had enlisted her friends to help me plan the proposal, and I wanted them to be a part of it. Her friends had great ideas and really put effort into the plan.

About four days before the proposal, one friend accidentally texted Beonca, thinking she was texting another friend. After receiving that text message, Beonca grew extremely suspicious. I had to come up with a story to cover up that mistake.
Regardless, the proposal was a complete surprise.

For us, the engagement period is preparing us to function in a healthy marriage. We have begun to work as a unit. Before our engagement, we were operating as two individuals that loved one another. However, we’ve learned that love is not enough to sustain a marriage.

Our interests can no longer be self-serving. We are a team, and it’s essential that our decisions individually and collectively benefit us as a unit. Since our engagement, we are spending more time communicating. We are completely transparent with one another, and we talk about everything! There are no secrets.

Our titles and how we introduce each other have also changed. We love introducing one another as fiancée!

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