Brisvegas – A Quirky Retro City Elopement

Inspired by the quirky shotgun weddings of Vegas, this creative team brought to life the essence of the city of sin in the shiny Brisvegas. The W Hotel in Brisbane held host to this modern retro styled elopement – proving that you don’t need to have a big budget to have an epic elopement.

Words By Kate & Rach

What Is Your Favorite Memory Together? 

Kate– There are so many to choose from! Making a two-day road trip across the country in a packed car was fun. And obviously, when Rach proposed! But the best one has truly just been building our life and our home together. 

Rach– Narrowing this down to just one is so hard. Proposing is obviously one of my favourites, but I would have to say when Kate flew down Adelaide, I packed my life into my car, and we road-tripped up to Brisbane. It was the start of building this amazing life with her, and I will always hold that so close to my heart!

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge You’ve Had To Overcome Together?

Kate– Definitely the distance. Rach and I met on TikTok like all queer couples do these days, and we lived two states and 1980 kilometers apart while also working completely opposite shifts, so we were two ships passing the opposite side of the country in the middle of the night. 

Rach– Living in different states when we first met and doing long distance was hard, and I was so happy when I moved to Brisbane so we could be together. But the big challenge came when I was trying to plan the proposal, and Kate pretty much figured it out because she knows me so well and how my brain works!

What Would You Say If You Could Give Your Younger Selves A Pep Talk For The Future? 

Kate– Trust your gut always. When something or someone gives you good vibes, and you want to jump all in even though everyone is calling you crazy- do it! 

Rach– Be unapologetically you! You are one of a kind, and everything in your life will fall into place when it’s right! 

Oh, and also… you are so gay! You’ll work it out eventually!

Tell Us Your Favorite Thing About One Another. 

Kate– Rach keeps me grounded. I tend to be a bit dramatic and fly off the handle, but she keeps things so logical and saves me from doing the stupid stuff. 

Rach– I don’t have one favorite thing about Kate, she is beautiful inside and out, but if I had to pick one thing at the current moment, it would be her passion! She is all in when she feels strongly about something, including when she finds something funny! It’s like she has never laughed so much before in her life! Her laugh is the best!

 Photographer Hey Babe Photography 

Accessories Shine Shades 
Cake Lucy Cakes
Caterer Mister Bartender 
Dress ASOS
Florist Flour And Bloom 
H&MU Sophie Johnson Makeup + Hair
Signage & Stationery Just Because Prints
Venue W Hotel 

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