A queer couple sitting closely together outside a church in Denver, looking at the camera, leaning on one another.

A (Last Minute) Courthouse Elopement in Denver City

Angelica (she/her) and MK (they/them) planned their elopement in a week and despite family having mixed reactions to the news, most knew that a courthouse elopement was perfectly ‘them.’

Tell us about being a Tinder Love Story

As a violent swiper myself (Angelica), I was shocked I didn’t miss them! We clicked from the moment we met. 

Our first date was at a local gay bar in our “gayborhood”, Roy G’s in Uptown, Dallas, from that night we were hooked. 

Our third date sealed the deal for our relationship, we spent the day dancing & drinking at the Renaissance festival, where we would later become engaged! 

Why did you decide to elope?

Lots of things influenced the decision. Obviously with being queers in Texas, there were mixed feelings about many aspects of “wedding planning”; we ultimately decided this was the most “us” choice, one we made pretty early on in our relationship & getting engaged solidified. 

Why did you choose to marry at the Courthouse in Denver City, Texas?

We got married in a courthouse because we needed it to HAPPEN, that’s all that mattered. 

Being in the middle of a beautiful city really was just a perk! 

How did your loved ones react to your elopement?

Our loved ones’ reactions were mixed. Some family encouraged it over a “wedding” for religious reasons, some were close to distraught at the idea. Most sat with the mix of “this is perfect for you and I love that” and “I wish I could be there”.

Tell us about your elopement day.

We loved how casual, yet exciting, the day was. We woke up first thing and hitched it 30 minutes out to the ‘burbs to get our license. By the time we got back to the house we were sitting we got ready to go downtown.

We got ready in separate bathrooms and finished together, had a stressful drive in rush hour traffic, and finally found our judge and amazing photographer. 

After the ceremony, we ran to a nearby cathedral as we love a bit of irony, to take photos, and finished our night at a small local gay bar which remained empty for a few hours. J

ust as our relationship started, we felt it best to head to the bar and clink some glasses, as always, just the two of us.  

Tell us about working with your Denver Elopement Photographer, From the Fountain

Rebekah was a miracle. A week before we went to Denver I shouted into the void that is TikTok and begged for the algorithm to do its thing. 

I needed a photographer ASAP, downtown Denver, that date, that time. 

Well- we got very lucky! Rebekah made my dream photography happen! 

She worked with us on budget, vision, timeline.. an absolute angel to work with. Having someone who was also queer hype us up on the most special day meant the world!

Photography by From the Fountain

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