Gay couple getting married at their wedding in Melbourne Victoria captured by Kyra Boyer

Kyra Boyer Photography

Hi, I'm Kyra! I'm a Californian photographer based in Melbourne and I love fun, colourful, relaxed weddings! I'm inspired by beautiful natural light, joyful faces, and anything out-of-the-box. So gimme all your quirky ideas: the not-white wedding outfits, the op-shop tableware, surprise mariachi bands, sing-along ceremonies, unusual locations, pets as guests- I'm here for all of it! My approach is natural and playful, seeking to capture all that candid goodness.

A bit about me: I'm a mum, but y'know, a cool mum. I grew up all over the world, from Egypt to Singapore. I love to travel and explore new places, but I also love being cozy at home with a cuppa tea and my fam. I'm adventurous and genuine, and I have an intuitive nature that allows me to find something unique in every couple and bring it to life. I love yoga, wine, and musical theatre in equal measure. I've been told I'm very calming, which is a handy superpower as a wedding photographer!

Every photo I deliver is full of love and celebration, completely driven by your unique story and those surrounding you on your big day. I can't wait to make some magic with you!

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Eltham North VIC, Australia
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