The bride reads her vows while her partner listens intently, against a mountain backdrop.

An Intimate Elopement in Colorado during Fall

Tell us about dating a woman for the first time after being raised in the Southern Baptist Church. 

I first got on Hinge and had gone on multiple dates with men, just to pass time. After much deliberation, I decided to change my app to view both men and women. 

I was extremely conservative on swiping on girls, but when I cam across Dani’s profile, I didn’t hesitate. The waiting began. It took forever to begin a conversation. 

After a whole four hours had passed,  I decided to take matters into my own hands because I would actually die if this match expired. I had zero idea what to say, but I now know calling her gorgeous definitely isn’t her preferred adjective. 

Long story short – I got the girl and think she’s even more gorgeous that when I first laid eyes on her picture. 

Tell us about meeting for the first time, after matching on Hinge. 

Sadie was walking along the Katy Trail Icehouse in Dallas. She got lost in the blazing hot temperatures attempting to find a total stranger and that coupled with the fact she’d never been on a date with another woman, was trying to not drench her dress in swear. 

As soon as they laid eyes on one another, their smiles set souls on fire and everything felt at ease. 

Walk us through the decision to elope.

We initially wanted a traditional wedding, but as our relationship evolved, so did the idea of eloping. Our relationship felt sacred, and we wanted our union to reflect that level of intimacy. 

Eloping was the best decision, aside from hiring our photographer, and we’d do it a thousand times over.

Our end goal for the elopement was equal parts adventurous, intention, relaxing and filled with fall colors and that’s exactly what we got!

How did family and friends feel about your decision to elope?

Majority were supportive of our decision, so our elopement came as no surprise. A month later we flew back to Texas and had a reception where we celebrated surrounded by our favorite people. 

Walk us through the Colorado elopement day in fall.

Although we planned for a slower morning filled with coffee and breakfast in the heart of Ouray, but, we had to apply for our marriage license the morning of because of a federal holiday the day before. 

On top of that, it began to rain! 

We quickly grabbed a cup of joe before Dani dropped Sadie off at her hair and makeup appointment. Dani’s appearance required a little less maintenance than Sadie’s, so after scavenging the town for a last-minute addition to her outfit, she spent the rest of the morning leisurely getting ready. 

When Sadie arrived back home, the Colorado elopement photographer met us for photos. So not to spoil the first look, Carissa guided us individually through the San Juan Mountains to a spot saturated with yellow leaves falling from the aspens and instructed us when to turn towards each other. 

The first few minutes were spent with our mouths agape. 

We eventually meandered the rest of our time through the Yankee Boy Basin in our little red Jeep, stopping wherever Carissa felt inspired – she had great vision. 

We said our vows amongst the backdrop of monumental peaks with bouts of raindrops, snow and sunshine. 

We washed our feet in the freezing spring water and enjoyed slowing down time with charcuterie and champagne. 

Photography by Carissa Marie Photography

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