Two brides exchanging vows by a lakeside, surrounded by a mountainous landscape.

An Lakeside Elopement in the Glacier National Park

Stephanie (she/her) and Maria (she/her) always knew that they’d elope, and the mountains and colors for Glacier National Park in the fall was the perfect spot to bring their elopement with their dogs, their kids and their immediate family to life.

What inspired your decision to elope? 

We always dreamed that we’d have an elopement. After all, it’s a day to capture the love we have for one another rather than a traditional wedding with all the entertainment. 

Of course, we did want to include our dogs, kids and close family but felt as though most of our day was centered around us and our love. 

How did you choose the Glacier National Park to elope in?

We knew we wanted to be in the mountains, we fell in love with Montana and all its beauty without ever having been there – we’d seen some photos and they were breathtaking. We couldn’t resist. 

Did you share the news with your family and friends that you were planning to elope before the day?

We told our immediate family prior to the elopement but the majority of our other family and friends got the news after the fact – a total surprise! 

We will have a celebration with everyone eventually.

Walk us through the elopement day. 

We made our way to the ceremony site with eyes on the storm that was lurking around. Amid Maria reading her vows, a wall of rain started forming behind her and the wind was picking up heavy. 

I was holding on to her and my hat hoping that we wouldn’t blow away! 

We took cover under the trees only to see the most stunning double rainbows to appear as it passed. How lucky could we get?!

Tell us about working with Jennifer Vernarsky Photography. 

Our photographer, Jennifer, was our rock. She helped so much with all the little details and in guiding us with all the vendors. 

We showed her some inspiration photos and were able to choose colors, cake flavors, etc. and she brought everything else to life. 

She is so much more than a photographer, this woman does it all. I’m so proud to say that we made a lifelong friend throughout this process. 

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