Meet, Baker Boys Band

We sat down with the Baker Boys Band, a group of musicians that love nothing more than making sure your wedding day has everyone up on the dance floor, making memories.

Who Is The Baker Boys Band?

Founded in 2005, the Baker Boys Band has been setting the industry standard for live event music ever since. Our musicians are passionate about creating memorable events. Their talent and experience guarantee that every Baker Boys event is seamless, so clients can focus on life rather than stressing over the details.

How Did The Band Come To Be?

As students studying music in Melbourne in 2005, we started performing around town. These public gigs quickly turned into requests to perform at private events and festivals. We loved seeing the joy and full dance floors that we could bring to these events. We perfected our event planning, expanded our repertoire, added members to the band – and the rest is history!

What Instruments Make Up The Band?

Our band size is customisable from 3-14 musicians, so the instrumentation depends on your band and event. Whether you’re hosting a backyard soirée or a black-tie bash, we’re here to help you find the perfect band for your event. A 5-piece band might consist of guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and lead singer. While an 8-piece band would add a full horn section (trumpet, sax, trombone). Ask us about customising your instrumentation as well.

You Must Have Seen A Few Good Dance Moves In Your Time, What’s Your Favourite And Why?

We love a full dance floor and sore feet. There’s no better feeling than seeing the look of love on a couple’s face when their friends and family join them on the dance floor. And oh, have we seen some good dance moves! From Grandpa’s sprinkler to a six-year-old guest attempting the worm – can you get any cuter?!

What Is One Song You Think Should Be At Every Wedding?

There are so many great dance floor fillers, from 24K Magic to You’re the Voice. We love them all! Really, it’s all about what makes the couple happy and what gets their friends and family dancing.

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