The couple dances joyfully on a grassy hillside, surrounded by misty mountains.

A Personalized Elopement in the Isle of Skye

Knowing that eloping was always the way they’d choose to marry, Marcella (she/her) and Natalie (she/her) whisked themselves away to the incredible Isle of Skye, in a ceremony that was completely personalized, meaningful and heartfelt.

Why did you decide to elope, rather than to have a traditional wedding?

Even though so many friends and family supported our relationship, and our desire to get married, we live quite far from our family and have had to create a life and community of our own. 

We always felt like it was just the two of us – in a sense. 

We also feel like the traditional wedding was not for us. It didn’t seem to fit how we feel we belong in the world, nor how we see ourselves. 

We maintained and embraced some traditions (rings, hand fasting, quaich, vows) but felt as if it allowed us to be our authentic selves without the pressure of others watching. 

We ended up throwing a reception five months post elopement to share our wedding film to our friends and family and we all danced late into the night. 

Why did you choose Scotland as your elopement destination? 

We actually almost broke up on a trip to Scotland in 2019 because the one-lane roads and pass through spaces on the Isle of Sky are truly impossible for Marcella to navigate. Needless to say, tensions were high. 

When we finally arrived at the Quiraing Trail and took in the epic beauty of the landscape, all of our petty arguments melted away. It was a beautiful reminder of relationships and challenges, and to always keep the bigger picture in mind. 

A few years later, we googled Quairing elopement and that is how we found our photographers! Seeing The Caryls’ portfolio sealed the deal for us on why we decided to elope. 

Tell us about how you personalized your elopement ceremony. 

We personalized the entire ceremony. Natalie’s suit and Macella’s slip were custom made. We more matching boots and socks and handpicked Natalie’s suit buttons from Lous Button in Soho, NYC. 

Upon arriving in Edinburgh, we did a whisky tasting in order to choose the whisky that we’d drink from our pink Quaich at the end of the ceremony. 

We weaved our own Celtic handfasting cord out of leftover strips of our fabric from our outfits. 

We chose our own wording for the ring exchange: ‘I take you to be my wife. With this ring, we forge a new path on our adventure together. Let it serve as a reminder of today and all our hopes and dreams for the future. Know that I’m always with you, behind you, and by your side.’We custom made our engagement and wedding bands, and we wrote our own vows.

Photography byThe Caryls

Blanket Tartan Blanket Co
Celebrant Rona Burstow
Dress Designer Jane Bourvis
Engagement Rings Ken & Dana
Florist Wild Gorse Studio
Hair & Makeup Gosia Weiss
Musician Sophia Kayafas
Shoes Thursday Boot Company
Stylist Joann Land
Suit Designer Kali Collection
Venue The Crofter’s House
Videographer Knoxland Films
Wedding Rings Ken & Dana

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