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A Stress Free Micro Wedding in Melbourne

Tell us about how you met, despite living across the world from each other.

We met when a queer influencer hosted a single’s mixer on their Instagram Stories. Jess was in Virginia, USA, and Halley, Melbourne, Australia. After chatting online for months, speaking every day and slowly falling in love, and despite being separated by closed borders during the pandemic, we built a solid foundation of strong communication.

We FaceTimed and chatted on the phone everyday. Getting to know everything we could while we were in the situation we were in.

After 2 years speaking online we finally got to meet face to face.

After a bit more time long-distance, and some long flights to visit one another, Jess moved to Melbourne and we really got to begin our life together.

Tell us about the proposals.

Halley proposed first, a total surprise to Jess. She rented an Airbnb in the city and we had a weekend of shows and entertainment, good food and lots of cuddles. 

She’d organized a video message from Jess’ family and friends back in the US, because she knew I was missing home and my favorite people, and it was perfect. 

After Halley proposed, I knew I still wanted to do something special so a few weeks later I proposed at home over breakfast with a full day of making art together and a romantic dinner. 

We picked out our rings together and it was exciting to both get to wear them finally. 

How did you minimize any wedding stress? 

We did everything in our own way, on our own terms. Aside from a couple of last minute wardrobe malfunctions on the day, that only required superglue, it was mostly a seamless and easy day filled with celebrating us. 

Tell us about your Melbourne micro wedding.

Our ceremony was at 11am, so we got ready at home and had some friends over for bagels. It was the perfect way to start the day! 

The ceremony was sweet and simple and we said an abbreviated version of our vows that we read the following day at our party. We had Halley’s two best friends with us, and one of my friends flew over from the US. 

It was intimate and lovely. 

We took some fun photos with eco-friendly confetti around Zee’s colorful space, and headed off to a day of eating yummy food and taking wedding photos around the city with our friends. 

We loved having a low-key day focused on us and spending quality time with our loved ones who came to celebrate us.

Photography by Hyggeli Photography

Celebrant, Cake, Styling and Venue Zee Scott

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